I’m a flight attendant – I always pack 3 things to stop holidays getting ruined

Packing for a holiday can be incredibly stressful, with baggage allowances limiting how much we can put in our suitcases.

However, experienced travellers like flight attendants know how to get the most out of their luggage and what items are the most important to pack.

Passport covers will prevent your passport from getting damaged, which could ruin your holiday

Passport covers will prevent your passport from getting damaged, which could ruin your holidayCredit: Tiktok/@rosalieedith

One cabin crew member, Rosalie Edith, has explained which three items she sees as the most important for a flight and why she never leaves them behind.

The flight attendant shared her list via Tiktok in a video that has since been seen more than 9,000 times.

Passport cases

Rosalie recommends keeping your passport in a protective case, which itself should then be given a layer of protection.

Damaged passports can be enough to stop you getting on a plane, so it’s worth doubling up, just to be extra safe.

Rosalie said: “Always keep your passport in a case and then put that case in a ziplock bag, or a clear bag.

“I know it seems like a lot but a damaged passport will literally ruin your holiday.

“The cases protect the pages from being bent, the bag will protect it from any accidental spills from a water bottle, rain or in my case, a really bumpy boat ride.”

Good quality clear bags

Clear bags are essential for hand luggage, otherwise you can’t take any liquids on the plane with you.

However, Rosalie also uses them to store other items.

This will protect them, should there be any other leaks and will make it easy to find the items you need as well.

She said: “Obviously you need to have a clear bag for your liquids and gels for airport security, but it is also so handy to store all your other items in a clear bag when you’re travelling or on the go.

“It just makes it so much easier to find what you need because you can literally see what’s inside them.”

Spare clothes

Rosalie’s first recommendation here is to try and take carry-on baggage only, with checked luggage much more stressful to take with you.

However, she also understands that it’s not always possible to only take hand luggage on holiday.

That’s why she recommends packing two or three of your favourite items in your carry on, as well as some essentials, just in case your bag ends up going missing.

She said: “If you’re like me, sometimes you need to take more stuff and if you have to check your bag in, make sure you have two or three of your favourite, or most expensive items of clothing with you in your carry on bag.

“If your bag goes missing, you won’t be struggling for outfits. I always have my favourite linen dress and then another outfit, a cardigan, a spare pair of underwear and then maybe a bikini, depending where I’m going, and a pair of shoes.

“One time my bag did go missing, but at least I had some back up outfits with me so I wasn’t as stressed.”

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Rosalie recommends getting good quality clear bags not just for liquids

Rosalie recommends getting good quality clear bags not just for liquidsCredit: Tiktok/@rosalieedith