英国人の旅行規則をまだ持っている唯一の EU 加盟国 – & とても人気があります

THE only country in the EU to still have Covid travel restrictions for Brits is Spain, with all other European nations scrapping their entry rules.

スペイン語 restrictions have been removed for all people from other EU or Schengen nations.

Non-EU tourists still have to show documentation in order to enter Spain

Non-EU tourists still have to show documentation in order to enter Spainクレジット: アラミー

しかしながら, non- citizens are still subject to some travel rules when entering the country.

UK tourists are still required to show proof of full vaccination, recovery from COVID, a negative lateral flow test taken 24 hours before departure, or a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before departure.

All tourists are also subject to temperature checks on arrival, although those are set to be scrapped later 今月, 地元メディアの報道によると.

Other restrictions were peeled back last month, with tourists no longer required to fill in a health form.

The Spanish Ministry of Health posted on Facebook: “It will no longer be necessary to complete the health check form to travel to Spain or present the QR code of SpTH (Spain Travel Health) at the airport on arrival.

The other measures are expected to remain in place until at least November 15.

フェイスマスク are still required on planes too.

Spain remains the final country to still impose travel restrictions on non-EU 旅行者, with Luxembourg the latest to scrap rules.

They follow the オランダ, who ditched their regulations last month.

Brits needed to be fully vaccinated to visit prior to that, but this rule is no longer in place.

Its latest statement reads: “The Dutch government has decided to lift the EU entry ban for the Netherlands as of September 17, 2022.

Given the current epidemiological situation in the Netherlands, the government feels that for entry to the Netherlands, the EU entry ban is no longer proportional.

その間 ポルトガル removed mandatory face mask wearing in public spaces.

フェイスマスク were previously still required when on any public transport, such as flights, buses and taxis.

しかしながら, this is no longer advised, according to the UK Foreign Office.

代わりに, それは “recommendedthey are worn in certain places.

The advice currently states: “You should wear your face covering, as appropriate, when you enter buildings and keep it on until you leave.


Brits also need to have at least three months left on their passport to enter Spain.

この easy passport mistake has also stopped passengers from boarding flights.

Spain will keep the restrictions in place until at least mid November

Spain will keep the restrictions in place until at least mid Novemberクレジット: アラミー