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Dozens of diners did a runner from The Dorchester leaving £5k in unpaid bills

DOZENS of diners did a runner from a famed five-star hotel — leaving £5,000 in unpaid bills.

The punters had been evacuated from The Dorchester’s rooftop restaurant by staff after a fire alarm sounded at 10.30pm.

The five-star Dorchester Hotel in London's Mayfair

The five-star Dorchester Hotel in London’s MayfairCrédit: Le soleil

Some waited as fire crews and ambulances investigated a bogus report that a person had gone up in flames on the booked-out ninth-floor terrace.

Most of the 50 had cleared off without settling their tab before the all-clear was given.

Management said the cash lost at the eaterie, with its menu by TV chef Tom Booton, will have to be written off.

Food includes a £16 prawn scotch egg starter, a £40 Iberico pork chop main course and a £15 lemon tart pudding.

Champagne starts from £23 a glass.

Une source a déclaré au Sun: “The whole thing was a complete carry on.

“The fire brigade were called when a gas heater burst into flames but whoever rang told them a person was on fire so they sent ambulances and the fire brigade.

“Long story short, they had to evacuate until it was safe.

“Once it was clear they realised that guests had left without paying any of their bills.

“It came to around £5,000 in all.”

London Fire Brigade said Friday’s patio heater fire was out by the time they arrived at the hotel in London’s Mayfair.

The hotel said no one was hurt in the “minor incident”.

Il a ajouté: “Guests were contacted privately the next day.”

Gemma Collins and her team enjoy their Christmas party at the Dorchester Hotel