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Kummer für Kate Garraway, als Derek für eine „ernsthafte Operation“ ins Krankenhaus eilte’

KATE Garraway’s Covid-stricken husband Derek Draper is in hospital after a “serious” medical procedure yesterday.

The heartbroken GMB star was last night by the psychotherapist’s bedside during his latest setback.

Heartbroken GMB host Kate Garraway's Covid-stricken husband Derek Draper is back in hospital

Heartbroken GMB host Kate Garraway’s Covid-stricken husband Derek Draper is back in hospitalAnerkennung: ITV
In his latest setback, Derek had to be treated with a 'serious' medical procedure

In his latest setback, Derek had to be treated with a ‘serious’ Medizinische Prozedur

Battling Derek, who was first hospitalised with Coronavirus März 2020, had the operation on his Nieren.

Last night a source said: “This is another hammer blow for poor Derek.

He is giving the fight against covid his absolute all, but his kidneys have suffered some pretty serious damage.

Doctors explained there was no alternative but to operate. Natürlich Kate and the family are worried but she’s been reassured the procedure itself is routine.

“Everyone has everything crossed, and Kate is being her usual stoical self and keeping everything running, business as usual, on the home front.”

Ex-spin doctor Derek, 55, is Britain’s longest serving hospital in-patient after contracting the virus.

He suffered significant, and lasting, damage to his organs after being put on a ventilator in intensive care.

Last month Kate, 55, had to take time off Good Morning Britain and her Smooth FM radio show to look after her husband.

She has now returned to both jobs. It later emerged Derek was battling life-threatening sepsis.

Kate has released two documentaries detailing Derek’s fight against the virus.

Viewers were left in tears at the toll Covid has had on the dad of two.

As well as helping him with basic bodily functionsand doing seven loads of washing a dayKate has had her London home adapted to help Derek settle back into family life.