Salt BaeのNusr-etの所有者は誰ですか? Ferit Sahenk と Mithat Erdem に会う

WHEN you think of Nusr-et restaurants the name Salt Bae comes to mind – だが, he’s not the only man behind the successful chain.

Ferit Sahenk と Mithat Erdem に会う – the two businessmen working alongside Nurset Gökçe to build an empire.

Salt Bae pictured with restaurant co-owners Ferit Sahenk and Mithat Erdem

Salt Bae pictured with restaurant co-owners Ferit Sahenk and Mithat Erdemクレジット: Instagram/@mitkomuric

Salt BaeのNusr-etの所有者は誰ですか?

Salt Bae co-owns the Steakhouse chain Nusr-Et alongside fellow entrepreneurs Ferit Sahenk and Mithat Erdem.

Ferit Şahenk

Ferit Şahenk is the chairman of Turkey’s Doğuş Group, owner of D.ream Group and one of the richest people in 七面鳥.

Graduating from The American School in スイス, he earned his B.A. from Boston College with a degree in Marketing and Human Resources in 1989.

He later attended the President Program at Harvard University and also had a spell as a board member at Turkish football club Fenerbahçe.

歳の時に 37, Şahenk inherited his father’s share of the business Doğuş Holding after he died of a heart attack in April 2001.

現在 2021, Ferit’s net worth is an estimated £1.9 billion according to フォーブス.

Mithat Erdem

彼によると インスタグラム ページ, Mithat is a textile designer.

He is regularly posts snaps from locations across the world – 含む カリフォルニア, ロンドン そして Istanbul.

He has over 54,000 followers on the social media platform.

How much does Salt Bae own Nusr-et?

報告によると, Nurset Gökçe has a 25 percent stake in the Nurs-et restaurant chain.

Ferit Şahenk has 40 per cent and Mithaat Erdem has 35 per cent respectively.

に 2019, Bloomberg reported that the trio were considering selling a stake in the business amid financial concerns.

It came just a year after Gökçe opened his first New York restaurant, されている criticised for its “猥褻” 価格.

And in August, 2021, the Turkish chef aired grievances regarding his fellow owners onlinecalling them “traitors.”

Captioning a series of pictures alongside his long-time confidents he proceeded to declare the pair “low pleasant partners,” adding that “nothing is as it seems.”

しかしながら, he failed to explain why he was so angry with his associates.

もう一度, talks of selling a stake of the business re-surfaced in 2022.

It was reported that Turkish billionaire Ferit Sahenk’s Dogus Holding AS, may sell a 20 percent stake to the Qatar Investment Authority for around $300 百万.

Dogus confirmed discussions with the QIA, but declined to provide further details.

How much are the Nusr-et restaurants worth?

According to Turkish media, its a million-dollar empire with 400 従業員.

Nusr-et’s restaurants locations are spread across the globe.

You can find the restaurants in: