Sariamin Ismail: Google Doodle celebrates 112th birthday of Indonesian author

GOOGLE Doodle has paid tribute to Sariamin Ismail.

The late Indonesian author would have celebrated her 112th birthday today.


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Who is Sariamin Ismail?

Ismail was the first woman in Indonesia to publish a novel.

She was born on this day in 1909 in Talu, West Sumatra, Dutch East Indies – which is now Indonesia.

By the age of 10, she started to learn about poetry.

Just six years later, some of her writings were published in local newspapers.

After she graduated, Ismail decided to become a teacher.

This job saw her work in various cities across the Indonesian archipelago.

She continued to write during a time when women’s voices were censored.

Her first novel was called Kalau Tak Untung – which translate to ‘If you are unlucky’.

It was released under the pseudonym Selaish in 1933.

This went down in history as it was the first novel authored by a woman in Indonesian history.

In 1937, she produced work for a local women’s newspaper called ‘Soeara Kaoem Iboe Soematra’.

She continued to teach until the late 1960s and did not stop writing until the mid 1990s.

When did Sariamin Ismail die?

Ismail sadly passed away in 1995 at the age of 85.

But her poetry, novels and children’s stories are still studied to this day.

Google Doodle has celebrated what would be Sariamin Ismail's birthday

Google Doodle has celebrated what would be Sariamin Ismail’s birthday