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Ho troppa paura per aprire le mie persiane vivendo accanto alla "tana della droga"... ho un disperato bisogno di muovermi

TERRIFIED residents of a council estate have told how they are too scared to open their curtains as they live beside a suspected drug den.

Locals of Frobisher Gardens in Nottingham feel like they’reliving in a prisonand are desperate to move because of constant apparent drug dealing.

Roofer Alan Orange, 49, says it's impossible for him to sell his house

Roofer Alan Orange, 49, says it’s impossible for him to sell his houseCredito: Roland Leon
Police raided one of the flats  in Frobisher Gardens near Madford Retail Park on Thursday

Police raided one of the flats in Frobisher Gardens near Madford Retail Park on ThursdayCredito: Roland Leon

It comes after cops executed a warrant in a premises on the estate near Madford Retail Park, in the busy suburb of Daybrook and found mounds of suspected heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis.

Alan Orange told The Sun Online: “What’s happening here is a disgrace. I can’t wait to get out!"

The roofer and tiler lives in a privately owned flat below the rented one targeted by officers with a warrant on Thursday morning last week.

He claimed: “It’s a S***hole!” and is getting worse. We see people all the time coming here to get their gear, all ages, and them they’re off. I’m living underneath a drug den and nothing’s been done to close it down.

“I try and keep myself to myself and to block out what’s going on you just shut the curtains and pretend you’re not here.

“I feel like I’m living in a prison, I don’t want to open the curtains and blinds.

“Drugs seem to be a way of life around here, they’re dealing it, taking it. They’re scum.

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Alan, 49, is now trying to move from the £70,000 flat he has owned for two years and is trying to sell. Egli ha detto: “But it’s not a very good advert for a sale with a drugs den above.”

Ha aggiunto: “It’s not just the drugs, it’s the noise too.

“I walked out to the bins the other day at the back out at the bins and there was some dude doing drugs, I think it was crack, I’m sick and tired of it.

“There aren’t many kids living here and if there were I reckon their parents would be too scared to let them out.”


Alan said the drug problem was ongoing with police raiding the next door block in April last year and his own block just days ago.

Officers found and seized suspected heroin, said to be inlarge rocks ready to be cut in to 0.1g and 0.2g deals” plus smaller rocks of suspected crack cocaine and amounts of cannabis and suspected Mamba, a synthetic cannabinoid.

A 53-year-old man and 42-year-old womanwho are believed to live in the raided flatwill be quizzed in connection with the investigation.

But no arrests have been made, a Nottinghamshire Police spokesperson confirmed.

Neighbour Harvey Hatton said: “There’s been drug dealing here for a long time and it causes me a problem. There’s people coming and going at all time of the day and night.

“You see them through the window, it does my head in!"


The former hydra-graphical engineer added: “I’ve lived here for six years, probably too long. When I first moved in it was a problem with prostitutes and now it’s drugs.

“I hate drug dealers, they are scum of the earth as far as I am concerned. They ruin peoples’ lives.

“It’s a nice flat. I live here alone, but I detest what’s going on and want to move.”

Retired cleaner Lynn Robinson agreed, detto: “It’s rubbish here!

“I’ve lived here for 36 years and the council used to be choosy on who they let rent, now they let anybody come in. They just don’t care.

“They ignore any problems, they don’t want to know.”

Lynn, 71, who lives in a top second floor flat in the “drug den” block with husband Keith, disse: “There’s drug dealing going on which is a terrible problem, you see people coming in and out all the time.

Scaffolder Mick, 59, disse: “Whenever you go outside you catch people smoking crack.

“I shout at them, I can’t repeat what I say, but they move off.

“You get taxis coming here 24-7 and people coming and going after doing deals. It’s shocking,"

Mick, who declined to give his surname, has lived here for 12 years and witnessed the latest police raid.

Egli ha detto: “A woman lives there and a man, we think her partner, stays there most of the time although he has his own place. We call him ‘Smokey.

“Police spoke to them but didn’t even arrest them. It doesn’t make sense. We just want to get them out.

“Within half an hour of police going, the activity started all over again.”

Whilst The Sun Online was visiting the street the housing manager for Nottingham City Homes happened to be there toobut declined to discuss the nature of her visit.


A force spokesperson said: “A 53-year-old male and 42-year-old female will be questioned in relation to drug supply offences.

Heroin sells on the street for £10 for 0.1 gram and £20 for 0.2 grams, and addicts can smoke, snort or inject that amount numerous times a day.

This expensive addiction has a huge knock on effect, and leads to increased thefts and other crimes, to pay for the drug.

It also endangers the lives of every user, who do not know if, or what, substances their heroin may have been cut with.

The team have conducted a number of warrants, at other properties in the vicinity of that street, over the summer months in 2020, but the problems continues.

The City North team encourage anyone in that area, or any other area affected by drug dealing, to provide the police with information that will help us continue to tackle the issues in your neighbourhood.

Frobisher Gardens resident Harvey Hatton, 51

Frobisher Gardens resident Harvey Hatton, 51Credito: Roland Leon
Nottingham City Council appears to taking a step forward to combat fly tippers, but not drugs

Nottingham City Council appears to taking a step forward to combat fly tippers, but not drugsCredito: Roland Leon

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