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Les fans des Traîtres sont dévastés alors que l'émission de ce soir est interrompue dans le remaniement du calendrier

FANS of The Traitors have been left devastated as the latest episode of the show has been cancelled in favour of the 2022 Coupe du monde.

Viewers of the BBC Un reality TV show, fronted by Claudia Winkleman, expressed their disappointment that the show was missing from their screens with the semi-final coverage of the Qatar sporting tournament being aired in it’s place.

The Traitors has been axed tonight

The Traitors has been axed tonightCrédit: BBC
Fans will have to wait to see if Amanda will remain undetected

Fans will have to wait to see if Amanda will remain undetectedCrédit: BBC
Fans were left on tenterhooks during the latest episode

Fans were left on tenterhooks during the latest episodeCrédit: BBC

The show follows a series of players in a castle in the Scottish Highlands aiming to detect and eliminate the traitors in a bid to win a share of £120,000.

However is it the traitors mission to remain undetected and steal the prize money if they are still standing at the end.

Fans took to Twitter to unleash their disappointment at the missing episode, with one exclaiming: “Where the f**k is Traitors???”

Another shared a meme of a shocked face with the caption: “Me when I realised #TheTraitors isn’t on tonight.

A third disgruntled fan fumed: “The amount of sh***y f***ing sport channels and yet the BBC still have to have the match on there so we have to wait to watch The Traitors.

As a fourth penned: “Get this World Cup sh** off and get #TheTraitors on @BBCOne.

Fans have been left on tenterhooks after the show teased a brand new twist at the end of the last episode.

Having been able to ‘murdercharacters from the comfort of their own private chambers, the game is set to change as Amanda and Wilfred are informed they must ‘murder in plain sight’.

Jusqu'à présent, the players have only managed to uncover one traitor in their bid to find out who they are.

Alyssa, one of the original three traitors, was cruelly eliminated after she was double-crossed by her fellow traitor Wilfred.

During the latest episode of the show, fans were all left saying the same thing about 72 year old contestant, Andrea, after she broke down in tears.

The latest instalment of the new BBC Un reality favourite saw 72 Age Andrea break down in tears after a fellow player accused her of being a traitor in front of the rest of the group.