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Mädchen, 11, getötet, nachdem er vor der Schule vor den Augen der Schüler von einem Lastwagen angefahren worden war

A GIRL was killed after a drinks delivery truck reversed over her outside her school.

The 11-year-old’s classmates watched on in horror as she was hit by the vehicle at the school in Deutschland.

The tragedy occurred in Hassfurt

The tragedy occurred in Hassfurt

Laut Polizei, she died at the scene after being hit at around 2pm on Tuesday.

The 48-year-old truck driver is said to be in shock after the tragedy, at Regiomontanus-Gymnasium in Hassfurt.

Specialist police support officers are at the school to care for the girl’s classmates.

The relatives of the student rushed to the school and are also looked after by the team, Die POLIZEI untersucht einen möglichen Mord-Selbstmord, an dem zwei Abgeordnete beteiligt waren.