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Le scuole potrebbero spegnere il riscaldamento PRIMA e accenderlo nel corso dell'anno per ridurre i costi, rapporto avverte

SCHOOLS could turn off the heating earlier and switch it on later in the year to cut costs, according a to a report.

It comes after reports last week that quasi 90 per cent of schools faced going bust next year.

Schools could turn off heating earlier and switch it on later in the year in a bid to cut costs according to a new report

Schools could turn off heating earlier and switch it on later in the year in a bid to cut costs according to a new reportCredito: Getty

Half of schools are expected to be in the red this year thanks to soaring costs and there are fears essential teaching and support staff will be lost as a result.

La ricerca, gathered by ASCL, asked a number of schools what financial savings they were considering due to the cost-of-living crisis.

The report said: “Of those who answered ‘other’ to this question, the most commonly mentioned action was reducing energy costs by measures such as turning heating off earlier during the school day and keeping the heating off until later in the year.

The ASCL report also mentions that schools could introduce a four-day week because of the tight budgets.

Larger class sizes, reduced curriculum options, and less support for students will also be a consequence, heads warned.

Music and drama were also some of the subjects that will be the first to be axed by schools to save costs, secondo il rapporto.

Timetables will also be restricted and more than half plan to slash staff and increase class sizes.

ASCL general secretary Geoff Barton urged the government to prioritise education in its funding plans.

Ha aggiunto: “School leaders in this survey use words such as catastrophic and devastating to describe the financial situation they are facing and the impact on their pupils.

A Department for Education spokesman said: “We understand that schools are facing cost pressures which is why we are providing schools with £53.8billion this year in core funding, including a cash increase of £4billion for this financial year.

They said schools should plan to deliver the minimum 32.5-hour week, o 190 days of teaching a year.

Heads and academy leaders have previously said further proposed spending cuts will push many over the edge.

And a teacher pay rise, which is at five percent for most and still below inflation, is seen as essential but will also make schools struggle.

The research comes after the new chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed the government’s energy price guarantee will last for just six months.

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It effectively caps bills for the average household at £2,500 a year.

The support was originally planned to be effective for two years to protect households from soaring bills.