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Kardashian-Fans sind schockiert, als Kylie Jenner einen Mann schleift, der NICHT Travis Scott ist

KYLIE Jenner set Kardashian fanstongues wagging after she posted a steamy video grinding on a man who’s not Travis Scott.

The pair welcomed their second child – a baby boy – earlier this year.

Kylie Jenner shocked fans with a video grinding on another man

Kylie Jenner shocked fans with a video grinding on another manAnerkennung: Tick ​​Tack / Kylie Jenner
She is currently dating Travis Scott, whom she has two kids with

She is currently dating Travis Scott, whom she has two kids withAnerkennung: Getty

Am Mittwoch, Kylie posted a sexy TikTok-Video that shows her grinding on a man who does not appear to be her longtime beau.

Das makeup mogul is seen wearing a black catsuit in the clip, which is zipped down just far enough for her cleavage to be on display.

The mom of two pans the camera from her body to her face, showing off her curves.

Fans flocked to the comments to question the video, inquiring about the man featured.

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Kardashian fans mock Kylie Jenner after she debuts 'AWFUL' new hairstyle


Kardashian fans mock Kylie Jenner after she debuts ‘AWFULnew hairstyle

That doesn’t look like Travis who’s that lmao,” ein Benutzer hat kommentiert.

Ein anderer Kommentator schrieb: “Not me thinking that was travis for a split second.

Travis can’t let this slide,” ein anderer schrieb.

Several commenters noted one telling detail about the video: While it’s unclear who the person is that Kylie’s on top of, they appear to have long acrylic nails on their fingers.

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Der Schauspieler des Nachbarn knallt die Show, weil er der „Kultur abbrechen“ nachgegeben hat, indem er ihn brüskiert hat


Der Schauspieler der Nachbarn kritisiert die Show, weil er der „Abbruchkultur“ nachgegeben hat’ indem man ihn brüskiert

Mein geheimer Haartrick, um mit krausem Haar aufzuwachen.

Not me thinking it’s travis with acrylic nails,” one TikTok commenter joked.

Ein anderer schrieb: “Travis got his nails done.

Not me thinking u were sat on Travis to only realize it was a girl cause of the nails,” someone else added.

While the person’s identity remains a secret, fans think they may have figured it out.

Several commenters speculated that it was the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s makeup artist, Ariel.

it’s ARIEL,” one commenter wrote.

Ein anderer schrieb: “Pretty sure it’s Ariel.

Ya’ll it’s her makeup artist PLZ,” a third commenter wrote.

inzwischen, rumors have been swirling about Kylie and Travisrelationship for some time.

Ein anderer bat?

The reality star recently posted a TikTok video that sparked rumors she and the Texas rapper are engaged.

Im Clip, the mogul is seen laying on her stomach and the couple snuggled outdoors.

jedoch, fans got excited as they spotted a ring on Kylie’s finger that convinced them she is finally engaged.

The ring appeared small and delicate, with a circle-shaped jewel or stone in the center.

Fans took to her TikTok comments and the internet to discuss the short video and Kylie’s newest accessory.

Ein Fan hat gefragt: “Is she trying to show us something?”

Another wondered: “Ring on her wedding finger?”

A third excitedly asked: “Are you guys getting married?”

jedoch, other fans weren’t a fan of the design of the ring as they voiced their opinions.

One fan slammed: “I don’t care if it’s a ring she bought or an actual engagement ringit’s ugly as s**t either way.

A second commented: “It looks like something my 11-year-old would find in her friend’s couch cushions.

Rumors are also swirling about a possible third baby on the way.


Fans have been convinced that along with wedding hints, Kylie has been dropping others that indicate she’s already pregnant with her third child.

Das most recent clue fans have picked up on is a short video she shared on TikTok of her assistant, Ariel, baking a strawberry cake.

According to the UC Davis Health System, Kalifornien, strawberries are a pregnancy super food.

The fruit is high in vitamin C, which aids in the baby’s development and also helps the mom absorb the necessary amounts of iron from food.

Strawberries are also a good source of carbohydrates, which give much-needed instant energy.

Also this week, Kylie sent fans wild when she responded to Travisnew Instagram photo with a pregnant woman emoji.

Bildunterschrift “Got there in a New York minute,” the post shows Travis leaning against a New York City office building while wearing a vintage t-shirt and donning a giant diamond chain.

The rapper strikes his signature eyes-to-the-ground pose as he shows off his Big Apple fit.

Fans rushed to comment on the Astroworld artist’s latest photo, with many begging him to release his new album.

But it was perhaps the hitmaker’s biggest fan whose comment received the most attention.

His baby mama Kylie commented with atongue outemoji followed by fourpregnant woman” Emojis.

Kardashian fans online quickly reposted Travissnap along with Kylie’s comment to discuss the response.

Einer fragte: “Does this mean she’s knocked up again?”

A second person jokingly stated: “Kylie baby girl you haven’t even introduced your second baby.

While a third commenter wrote: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re pregnant again. She’s all about playing that game.

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The View’s Whoopi breaks show tradition and SNUBS excited fans in live audience

Ein anderer hat geklingelt: “Mögen, what does it even mean! I’m stressed… Ebenfalls, can we just know the name of the baby formerly known as Wolf?!”

Kylie JUGENDLICHE Mutter Cheyenne Floyd with Travis back in February and still hasn’t confirmed her son’s official name.

Vor kurzem, engagement rumors swirled about the star

Vor kurzem, engagement rumors swirled about the starAnerkennung: Tick ​​Tack
Fans have also been speculating that the couple is preparing to welcome a third child

Fans have also been speculating that the couple is preparing to welcome a third childAnerkennung: Getty
Kylie has been quiet amid the chatter

Kylie has been quiet amid the chatterAnerkennung: Getty