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Spoiler EE: Un épisode de flashback révèle les secrets de la famille Mitchell enterrés depuis des décennies

FAMILY secrets are uncovered in a special one-off episode set in 1979 where matriarch Peggy Mitchell is running the family household.

Phil is shocked to his core to discover who Keeble wants him to inform on, leading viewers to be transported to 1979 to learn more about the Mitchell family’s chequered past in the area.

The past is revisited on 5th September

The past is revisited on 5th SeptemberCrédit: BBC

As we flashback to the winter of 1979, the Mitchells are hit hard by a Britain in economic turmoil.

Peggy has her hands full keeping a busy household running whilst her marriage to Eric is showing its cracks.

Upon learning that Phil has a job at a garage, Eric decides to take Phil and Grant out on a ‘job’ in order to give them some work experience, despite Peggy’s disapproval.

Eric and Phil are vying for the title of man of the house but who will come out on top?

Archie, pendant ce temps, is up to his usual tricks as Glenda does her best to keep the lively Ronnie and Roxy out of trouble.

With DCI Keeble’s obsession with the Mitchell’s ever increasing, will the truth of her vendetta against the family finally be revealed?

And can Phil ever escape the past?

The EastEnders Mitchell family flashback special will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on September 5 à 19h30.

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