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Rylan Clark reveals shocking secrets Big Brother viewers never saw

RYLAN Clark has lifted the lid on a number of juicy Big Brother secrets in his tell-all new memoir.

Die TV-ster, who won Celebrity Big Brother before hosting the show’s sister programme Bit On The Side, told how some housematesbehaviour was more shocking outside of the CCTV than house than in it.

Rylan Clark has told some amusing tales about Big Brother contestants' in his new book

Rylan Clark has told some amusing tales about Big Brother contestantsin his new bookKrediet: Kanaal 5
Rylan is delighted Big Brother is returning next year

Rylan is delighted Big Brother is returning next yearKrediet: Rex funksies

Writing in Ten: The Decade That Changed My Future, Rylan, 33, recalled the grotty moment a housemate defecated on a hotel room floor.

Hy het gesê: “One ex-housemate left a pile of human faeces on the floor of his rooma great big dump!”

Rylan decided not to name the star to spare their blushes and said he was left in stitches at the excuses they gave to explain away the turd: that it was actually a dropped kebab.

Hy het geskryf: “I couldn’t contain my laughter but we knew the game was up and had to pay the [hotel] cleaning bill.

As much as we love this ex-housemate there’s always seems to be some type of drama surrounding themit was one of my favourite excuses of all time.

The It Takes Two Host also dished the dirt on a Celebrity housemate who was forced out of a car after performing a sex act with their partner on the backseat on their way home from Bit On The Side.

Hy het gesê: “The driver had to pull over on the side of the M25 and ask the ex-housemate and their partner to leave the vehicle after engaging in a sex act in the back of the car.

To get the phone call was exciting and funny, not to mention the guests stranded on the hard shoulder in the middle of the night.

Earlier this year it was revealed Big Brother is returning in 2023 on ITV.

Immediately fans called for Rylan to host the reboot, but although he loves the show and was flattered to be linked to the job, he insisted he hadn’t been asked.

Clearing up the rumours on Twitter, he told fans on Tuesday morning: “Should clarify, I’ve not been asked to host the show.

As a fan, like always, I’m made up it’s coming back. I know how hard we all fought to keep that name alive and I’m so glad it paid off.

The OG reality is back. It’s the news we wanted. Welcome back bro.