YOU’LL probably recognise Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith from Downtown Abbey.

But now the actress is back on our screens for season 2 of Australian drama The Secrets She Keeps.

Who is Laura Carmichael?

Laura Carmichael is a British actress who has been working in the performance industry since 2010.

Before making it as an actress she had to work a variety of other jobs, such as being a receptionist.

It was worth the wait however, as she now has critical success across TV, film and theatre.

Although she’s best known for ダウントンアビー, Laura has plenty of other highly successful credits to boast of.

Laura Carmichael shot to stardom playing Lady Edith in Downton Abbey

Laura Carmichael shot to stardom playing Lady Edith in Downton Abbeyクレジット: ゲッティ – 寄稿者

Laura has starred in Marcella, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and A United Kingdom.

に 2020 she starred in The Secrets She Keeps, and returned for season 2 8月に 2022.

Who did Laura Carmichael play in Downton Abbey?

Laura plays Lady Edith Crawley in ダウントンアビー, one of three sisters though she is the least favoured one compared to her pretty older sister and daring younger one.

During the show, she undergoes an illegitimate pregnancy, becomes a journalist, and eventually marries.

Laura played Lady Edith in all six seasons of the show, and reprised the role for both Downton Abbey films.

Who is Laura Carmichael’s boyfriend Michael Fox?

Laura has been dating Michael Fox 何年もの間 – インクルード pair made their relationship public in 2016 after Downton Abbey had finished.

Michael starred alongside Laura in Downton Abbey in the fifth and sixth series.

Aside from Downton, Michael featured in the award-winning Dunkirk movie and has been part of a band called Luna.

Speaking about the dynamic of working and acting together, Michael told the Sunday Post: “It was just professional.

We’d go to work and we didn’t want it to be a thing in any way when we were working together.

“よかった, でも, to go to work with your best pal. Apart from that we like to keep it quite separate from Downton.