Aldi is selling a wine advent calendar for Christmas

AS Christmas looms closer, Aldi’s fan-favourite wine advent calendar is back on the cards.

This year, it’s on shelves for £59.99 and includes some gorgeous Aldi reds, Chardonney and roses.

The Aldi wine calendar sells for £59.99 this year

The Aldi wine calendar sells for £59.99 this yearCredit: Aldi

Surely there isn’t a better way to start the festive countdown than indulging in a mini collection of elegant whites, reds and fruity mixtures.

If you enjoy a glass of fizz in the evening, it might be for you. But do note it’s only available online, so you’ll need to factor in delivery costs.

It might cost more to get it sent home if you live further away.

You’ll be able to order it from October 30.

Last year’s version sold for £49.99, but prices are on the constant rise across the board thanks to the cost of living crisis.

There are 24 bottles in the box, which mean they cost roughly £2.49 each – the same price as this mini Campo Viejo Tempranillo Rioja from Tesco.

But you can find a cheaper bottle than that at Aldi – this Beachfront Pinot Grigio costs £1.39 per 18.7cl.

But it’s worth noting you won’t be able to find the wines included in the calendar either full sized or small online – they’re entirely limited edition.

What’s in it?

Here’s the full list of wines you’ll find in the box:

  • JP. Chanet Original Brut X3 – 20cl
  • JP. Chanet Original Dry Rose X3 – 20cl
  • Brut d’Argent Chardonnay  X3 – 20cl
  • Calvert Reserve Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon X -18.7cl 
  • JP. Chanet Original Cabernet Syrah X2 – 18.7cl
  • Calvert Limited Release Merlot X1 – 18.7cl
  • Calvert Syrah X1 – 18.7cl
  • JP. Chanet Original Grenache Cinsault X4 – 18.7cl
  • Just Sauvignon Blanc X3 – 18.7cl
  • Just Pinot Grigio X3 – 18.7cl

You can browse Aldi’s full collection of wines online here.

But you can always shop around other stores to see if you can find something similar for less.

There are a few more Christmas booze calendars to look through so that you have options.

The John Lewis wine calendar this year costs £85 with free click and collect.

You can find your nearest John Lewis here.

This Selfridges one is £19.99 and contains chocolate liquor instead – but it’s an extra £5 for delivery.

There’s also this Johnnie Walker whisky calendar for £49 from Amazon – free delivery is available but do note it’s only got 12 bottles inside.

We’ve also explored what the Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar might look like this year – read here.

And here’s a clever hack for saving up gift money on the run up to Christmas this year.