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Asda verkauft einen aufblasbaren Whirlpool zum Schnäppchenpreis – Asda verkauft einen aufblasbaren Whirlpool zum Schnäppchenpreis&Asda verkauft einen aufblasbaren Whirlpool zum Schnäppchenpreis

ASDA is selling a four person inflatable hot tub for a bargain pricejust in time for spring.

The supermarket has slashed the price of its Lay-Z-Spa Bahamas hot tub from £400 to £320, saving shoppers an impressive £80.

Asda's bargain tub is now £80 cheaper

Asda’s bargain tub is now £80 cheaperAnerkennung: asda
  • Georg bei Asda, Lay-Z-Spa Bahamas Airjet Hot tub: War: £400 Now £320 kaufe jetzt

The hot tub has 120 all-surrounding air jets and heats the water up to a blissful 40°C.

It’s available to buy online at George at Asda, but remember an extra delivery fee of £14.95 will be added on top of your spend.

It’s not clear if you can pick up the hot tub in-store at Asda to save on those extra fees getting the tub to your door, but we’ve asked the supermarket and will update this story once we know more.

The good news though, is the initial price cut means it’s now cheaper than the likes of B.&M. und Aldi.

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You’re using the hot tub wrong - it could add £300 a month to energy bills


You’re using the hot tub wrongit could add £300 a month to energy bills

The bargains store had held a reduction on its own when it slashed the price of its £400 Lay-Z-Spa Miami hot tub to just £350.

But that still makes it £30 more expensive than Asda’s latest bargain.

And more expensive still is Aldi’s four person Intex tub at £399.99.

The Specialbuy is available for preorder now, but it’s a whopping £80 dearer than its supermarket rival’s.

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But before you rush to Asda to splash out, have a shop arounddespite it being a cheaper deal than some close competitors, you might find an even better offer on another hot tub elsewhere.

Meilen, um zu unseren Tellern zu gelangen started selling its own £300 hot tub last month, but stock was subject to availability so the £20 cheaper bargain might be few and far between on the supermarket’s shelves now.

Online shoppers can bag an even cheaper deal from NetWorldSports obwohl.

The retailer has a four person inflatable hot tub on sale for just £250 making it £70 cheaper than Asda’s.

But keep in mind that there’s a £23 delivery charge to pay, which starts to eat into your saving.

Can I afford a new hot tub?

Now that Asda has slashed the price of its inflatable spa, it might just be the excuse you needed to splash out on a new tub, but keep in mind that there are extra costs you’ll face once you start to enjoy it.

Ich habe zwei ältere Brüder und dann BG – er heißt jetzt BG use the tub, you’ll have to hook it up to your electricity supplybut this could be expensive.

Energy saving experts at Loop say that some of the least energy efficient modelswhich are often the cheapest onescould add a whopping £300 per month to electricity bills.

And especially now that energy bills have rocketed almost another £700, it’s important to think about your usage.

According to Loop, an efficient hot tub with an average usage of 7kWh per day it’s being used, costs around £1.98.

That means it costs roughly £60.23 if you used it for around 7 hours a day for a month.

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Musiker, 24, ADMITS murdering teen, 18, & dumping body after bus stop snatch

And if you had an inefficient hot tubone that’s not insulated very wellthen it could cost five times that.

It might be worth buying a cover to keep heat in the tub and eliminate waste energybut keep in mind this means extra spends, usually from another £20.

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