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The Chase viewers seriously distracted as ‘rival game show hostappears on show

FANS of The Chase could not belive their eyes when it appeared a rival game shot host had stepped onto the set.

Viewers on the show were shocked when it appeared that The Weakest Link and Countdown anfitrión Anne Robinson had turned up to appear on the popular ITV show.

Fans felt this contestant looked like Anne Robinson

Fans felt this contestant looked like Anne RobinsonCrédito: ITV
Anne appeared on The Chase - or did she?

Anne appeared on The Chaseor did she?Crédito: Rex
Viewers were stunned by the resemblance

Viewers were stunned by the resemblanceCrédito: Rex

Anfitrión Bradley Walsh welcomed the latest batch of contestants into the studio in a bid to win some cash.

In the hopefuls way today was chaser Darragh ‘The MenaceEnnis who was hoping to crush their dreams of winning big.

Heading up the contestants that were hoping to strike it lucky and head through to the final chase were Rachel, [object Window], Fergus and Jen.

As the show got under way, Bradley welcomed the four players one by one to see just how much money they could try and win off brainbox Darragh.

Raquel, an English teacher, was up first and left fans of the show floored for more than one reason.

Putting in an impressive shift, the contender managed bank a humongous £9,000 in the cash builder round after successfully answering 9 questions correctly.

After stunning her fellow teammates, she had the same effect on the fans at homebut for a rather different reason.

People were quick to comment that the teacher looked like the spitting image of controversial former game show host Anne Robinson.

Tomando a Twitter, one user laughed: “Anne Robinson is doing well after leaving Countdown #TheChase.

Otro estuvo de acuerdo, agregando: “She is like a young Anne Robinson though #TheChase.

Whilst a third remarked: “The Anne Robinson fan club is pretty good [thumbs up emoji] #La persecución.”

Despite her stellar performance in the cash builder round, Rachel crumbled under the pressure of playing at the board as she was defeated by Darragh and shockingly eliminated from the game.

She was not the only member of the line-up to bare resemblance to a public figure as Bradley pointed out another interesting comparison.

As hopeful Fergus took his place to answer the questions, Bradley quipped: “Now we’re going to hear from Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

The audience erupted into laughter at Bradley’s funny remark.

Bradley called another contestant Shaggy from Scooby Doo

Bradley called another contestant Shaggy from Scooby DooCrédito: ITV

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV1.