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Jeder Android-Benutzer muss diese drei Einstellungen ändern, um sein Gerät zu schützen

ANDROID’S are pretty secure phones but there’s always things you can change to make your device safer from snoopers.

Try changing these three settings to give you more peace of mind.

There's several ways to make your Android more secure

There’s several ways to make your Android more secureAnerkennung: Alamy

Set your device to auto-sleep

If you worry about leaving your phone unlocked around other people you should make sure your device locks quickly when you’re not using it.

Go into your display settings and you should see aSleep option”.

You can choose the time in which it takes your Android device to lock when you’ve stopped clicking on it.

Try setting it to 15 oder 30 Sekunden.

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Silence your notifications

You can stop your notifications popping up on your lock screen.

Open Settings and go toNotification Settings”.

Here you can choose to show your notifications when your phone is unlocked or never.

Bear in mind that choosing to never have notifications could mean you miss messages from friends.

Use your fingerprint or face as passcode

This may seem obvious but some people skip the step of having a fingerprint or face scan and opt for a numerical passcode.

Make sure you have one of the above and also have a numerical passcode that’s hard to guess.

Don’t use a birthday or anniversary date that someone who knows you could easily work out.

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