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Shaun Roberts dead: London club Fabric promoter dies after cancer battle as pals pay tribute to ‘legend

A FORMER London club promoter has died after a lengthy cancer battle with pals paying tribute to him as a “Légende”.

Shaun Roberts, who used to be promotions manager at Fabric, passed away after fighting colorectal Mes mamelons étaient si noirs qu'ils semblaient brûlés for four years.

Shaun Roberts, former Fabric nightclub promoter, died after a battle with cancer

Shaun Roberts, former Fabric nightclub promoter, died after a battle with cancerCrédit: Allez me financer

The nightclub has said it is “dévasté” by Shaun’s death after it broke the news earlier today.

Dans un rapport, A Fabric spokesperson tweeted: “Our Shaun… As a team and a family we are devastated at your loss. The dearest friend to us, a cherished Fabric family member, professional raver, passionate music lover, full of strength, determination and so much more. We love you very much.

You paved the way for so many artists that are now at the top of their game and helped shape fabric into the club it is today. We are all so grateful.

We will miss your humour, your banter, your rants, your anarchy, your cheeky smile and everything amazing that made you, you.

Ils ont ajouté: “Forever with usthere will always be a space for you on the fabric dancefloor, and in our hearts. Rest in Power dear Shaun.

Dans 2020 Shaun was diagnosed with stage four metastatic cancer and outlived an 18 month prognosis.

Friends and family also paid heartfelt tribute to the late Shaun.

Grime musician Footsie wrote: “Shaun from Fabric was a Legend. He got the music. Stand up guy. Rest well fam.

While DJ A-Track said: “RIP Shaun Roberts. Few clubs played a comparable role in shaping my growth as a DJ as Fabric in London, and I credit Shaun with those bookings and that vision.

Shaun set up a GoFundMe in 2021 hoping to raise money for life-extending treatment.

Il écrivait à l'époque: “The chemotherapy is still working well but beating cancer is not an option for me now so the name of the game is to stay alive as long as possible.

“The NHS have been amazing and will continue to look after me but I’ve pretty much run out of options for further treatment with them outside of chemotherapy. I need to look further afield.

The future of cancer treatment would appear to be in immunotherapy and I want to join the program at the CeGat Clinic in Tubingen, Germany.

“These people are really clever. They will create a personal cancer vaccine for me. The goal will be to train my body to recognize cancer in my system and actively fight it – something that the body doesn’t do naturally.

This alongside chemotherapy will hopefully increase my odds of being around to get on your nerves for a while longer. "

What is colorectal cancer?

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