I’m a Tesco shopper – little-known rule could get you FREE cash at the till

SHOPPERS can get hold of free cash at Tesco tills by using one not-so-known trick.

The hack was revealed on social media by a savvy shopper and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Tik Tok user Ahmad Mus has revealed how you can get extra cash at Tesco tills

Tik Tok user Ahmad Mus has revealed how you can get extra cash at Tesco tillsCredit: @AhmadMusa

It comes as the cost of food soars due to high inflation.

Supermarket shoppers have seen their food bills rise by 11.6% – that works out as an annual increase of £533 for the average household.

But Tik Tok user Ahmad Musa shared a useful tip to help you get money back if you’ve been overcharged for a product at Tesco.

In one of his recent videos he reveals details about Tesco’s Double the Difference promise.

It means customers who are overcharged for a product get the difference back plus the difference again.

He explains in one hypothetical example if you were to be charged £5 for milk which should have cost £1, you would be entitled to the £4 difference back plus another £4 on top.

In the video he says: “Don’t settle for just the difference.

“Do you not know about Tesco’s Double the Difference promise?

“If a customer gets overcharged they get a refund of the difference and the same amount in cash back.”

The video has been viewed over 400,000 times and liked over 11,000 times.

How else can you save money while supermarket shopping?

The cost of living is soaring and the average annual household energy bill is due to reach over £3,500 from October.

Close to nine million households are expected to be heading for fuel poverty.

So many will be thinking of ways to cut back on their outgoings, especially when it comes to weekly groceries.

Martin Lewis previously revealed a number of secrets from supermarket insiders that could save you money at Aldi, Lidl and Tesco.

The tips included buying value items over brands, purchasing from the top or bottom shelves and shopping in the evening at Asda.

That’s not it either. You can also get massive discounts on red sticker items at Aldi while a wine expert revealed how to spot the cheapest booze while out supermarket shopping.

The video Ahmad shared received hundreds of thousands of views

The video Ahmad shared received hundreds of thousands of viewsCredit: @AHMADMUSA