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Los compradores de Sainsbury's amenazan con boicotear por 'ridículo’ reglas de recepción

SAINSBURY’S shoppers say they feel likehostagesafter being forced to scan their receipts before leaving the store.

Barriers at self-checkouts in a handful of the supermarkets will not open unless you show proof you paid for your groceries.

Barriers at Sainsbury's self-checkouts will not open unless you scan a receipt

Barriers at Sainsbury’s self-checkouts will not open unless you scan a receiptCrédito: Pensilvania

The measures were brought in at the 153-year-old grocery giant following security concerns.

But the rules, cuales Sainsbury's said arenot new”, left some loyal shoppers vowing never to return.

One fumed on twitter: “Essentially they are holding [gente] hostage against their will.

Another erupted: “I’ve been loyal to Sainsbury’s for 30 años. Now it stops. How dare you insult me, by scanning receipts to leave.

Others complained they never request a receipt when prompted.

While another claimed even discount stores don’t have such barriers.

One of the stores at the centre of the storm was a Sainsbury’s superstore in Redhill, Surrey.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “This is not a new security measure and features in a small number of our stores at the self-service checkout areas.

Similar measures are seen at Primark, Ikea and Costco, the bulk buy store.

The Sun tried out the system at Primark, pero warned shoppers of the receipt risk.

It was recently revealed self-checkouts are proven to leave you more likely to accidentally steal.