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BRITS are facing a kitchen nightmare after cornflour shortages hit UK supermarkets.

The country’s cooking staple could be gone forever after grocery giant Tesco revealed they have discontinued the product.

Tesco announced they have stopped stocking cornflour due to a decrease in demand

Tesco announced they have stopped stocking cornflour due to a decrease in demandCredito: Getty
The supermarket giant was bombarded with complaints following the revelation

The supermarket giant was bombarded with complaints following the revelationCredito: Getty

The retail titan revealed demand for the starch has dwindled over the last year, seeing it suddenly disappear from their shelves.

The news only emerged after a disgruntled customer complained to Tesco in a tweet enquiring about their lack of stock.

A spokesman for Tesco ha risposto dicendo: “Cornflour has been discontinued because of low customer demand I’m afraid.

It prompted a storm of outrage online after shoppers were left in a panic over how they would rustle up their meals without the key ingredient.

Internet forum Mumsnet was flooded with protests over the decision, with many saying it was an essential item in their cupboards.

Others explained they only have to purchase the product around once every six months due to its indefinite shelf life.

But after an army of customers turned up the heat on Tesco, il supermercato backtracked on its earlier announcement.

The chain claimed it had not completely delisted cornflour and promised to attempt to improve availability across its stores.

Cornflour has become a quintessential product in kitchens across the nation thanks to its endless abilities.

It is often used to thicken liquid-based foods such as gravies, zuppe, casseroles and custards.

The fine texture of the gluten-free starch means it is less likely to form in lumps in comparison to ordinary flour.

Another appealing attribute is that cornflour is flavourless, so it won’t taint the taste of your dishes.

The product is also a popular choice when looking to add crispiness to meat dishes such as fried chicken.

But it can also be used when trying to satisfy your sweet tooth, such as baking shortbread.

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Cornflour is created by removing the skin and germ from the corn, before the starchy liquid is extracted and dried.

It is then finely ground to make the cornflour shoppers pick up off the shelves.