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Emily Atack revela la razón por la que no "hizo un Myleene Klass"’ en la ducha I'm A Celeb

EMILY Atack has admitted she didn’t have an I’m A Celebrity shower moment for fears of being compared to Myleene Klass.

los actress and comedian became a household favourite on I’m A Celeb when she participated in 2018, placing second behind Harry Redknapp that year.

Mostly known until that point as the lusted-after Charlotte in comedy The Inbetweeners, I’m A Celebrity catapulted her career to include her own stand-up sketch show, modelling and TV presenting.

Myleene Klass was famed for her 'waterfall bikini' moment when she took part in 2006

Myleene Klass was famed for her ‘waterfall bikinimoment when she took part in 2006
Emily said she didn't want a sexy moment in comparison

Emily said she didn’t want a sexy moment in comparisonCrédito: Características de Rex

Apareciendo en Sunday Brunch hoy, emily, 32, credits the ITV jungle show for giving her a platform to show off her more playful side to viewers, and noted that she had deliberately tried to avoid ashower momentlike Myleene Klass became famed for back in 2006.

She told hosts Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy: “I think everybody thought I was going to try and do a bit of a Myleene Klass in there, in the shower, and I just didn’t. I was running around being an idiot and just kind of showing people who I really was as a person.

I think doing years of The Inbetweeners which was amazing, and doing all that stuff, I was always playing someone else and I think I wanted people to kind of see who I was as a person, because it’s often very different to what people kind of assume I am.

Bien, viewers got the message loud and clear, with Emily in the four years since becoming one of ITV’s most prominent faces.

She became a regular face on Celebrity Juice, is now in the third season of The Emily Atack Show, and is due to appear in Iain Stirling’s sitcom, Buffering, which is currently filming season two.

And it looks like her love life might be on the up too, after cheekily asking for a Sunday Brunch crew member’s phone number después “having a bit of a hard timefollowing her split from Big Brother’s Liam Reardon.

mientras tanto, Myleene, 16 years after the iconic waterfall moment in a white bikini, looks set to return to I’m A Celebrity for an All-stars serie, which will air at the beginning of next year.

In a leap away from the Australian jungle it’s known for, the All-Stars series will be set in South Africa.

Emily appeared on Sunday Brunch today to discuss her new series

Emily appeared on Sunday Brunch today to discuss her new seriesCrédito: Canal 4