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MARTIN Lewis has exposed an energy bill conspiracy theory that is doing the rounds on Whatsapp and Facebook as beingnonsense”.

The money saving expert dispelled myths about a theory that claimed energy would be free for households who remove gas and electricity meters.

Martin Lewis has slammed an online conspiracy theory about 'free' energy bills

Martin Lewis has slammed an online conspiracy theory about ‘free’ Los clientes de energía de E.ON se han visto afectados por un problema de pago después de que el proveedor no aceptara sus pagos de domiciliación bancaria este mes.Crédito: Rex

Shutting down the claim, Martín escribió: “There’s a conspiracy theory suggestion I keep being asked about that energy charges are ‘for having a meternot for fuel use.

Therefore ‘remove the meter & you use energy for free’. It’s just nonsense. You pay for the units of fuel you use, and a standing charge.

It comes just as many energy bill payers faced a £700 jump in price on their annual tariffs at the start of the month.

As many as five million Brits were plunged into fuel poverty overnight when the price cap, in place to stop customers from being over-charged for energy, rocketed by 54%.


Martin Lewis explains how Sky customers could save £500 a year


Martin Lewis explains how Sky customers could save £500 a year

But the exact amount you pay for energy is actually split between the cost of the gas and electricity use, y el standing charge.

A standing charge is added to most gas and electricity bills to cover the cost of supplying your home with energy.

It’s a fixed daily amount that is unaffected by how much energy you actually use.

The amount you’re charged will depend on where you live, how you pay and your type of energy meter, but it can also be set by suppliers, so long as they don’t exceed the price cap.

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Then of course, whatever you use throughout the day, from your electrics to your heating is charged on top of that.

If you’re worried about this “extra” standing charge that isn’t to do with how much energy you use, you can shop around to find the cheapest rates.

But you can’t eliminate it all together, as everyone has to pay it.

Mark Bennett, energy expert at, previously told The Sun: “When taking out a new deal, it is definitely worth checking what the standing charge is.

Tariffs with lower standing charges can work out cheaper if you are really careful about how much energy you use to power your home.”

What happens if you don’t pay your bills?

You shouldn’t jump to cutting your ties with your supplier, refusing to pay your bills, without researching the charges first.

You could land in serious trouble if you stop paying for any length of time.

If you’re worried about how much money you’re being charged you should speak to your energy provider.

You’ll be able to discuss your financial situation and exactly what it is you can afford, to work out an arrangement for your bills.

It could help you avoid running into debt problems that might arise if you stopped paying your bills all together.

Sue Anderson, head of media at StepChange: “In short, there are serious repercussions if you don’t pay your bills.

“Non-payment of energy bills could result in money being taken directly from your wages or benefits, creditors applying to make you bankrupt and, in extreme cases, being sent to prison.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills, get help and get it early; talk to your creditors or get in touch with a debt advice charity for free, impartial advice.”

There are a number of organisations which may be able to help:

You can also get help covering your bills if you get in contact with your supplier, they may be able to provide support with grants to cover costs.

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Your energy provider might be able to help with a hardship grant too.

British Gas has just announced further funding for its version of the help, offering £2million more to those who are struggling, por ejemplo.

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