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Verheiratet bei First Sight UK’s Jess Potter enthüllt nur wenige Wochen nach dem Verlassen der Show ihren neuen Freund und sagt, dass sie „verliebt“ ist’

MARRIED AT First Sight star Jess Potter has revealed that she’s found her dream guy after quitting the show.

The dental hygienist, 31, said she is happier than ever after moving in with her new fella and admitted she’s in love.

MAFS star Jess Potter has found love with boyfriend TJ

MAFS star Jess Potter has found love with boyfriend TJAnerkennung: Instagram
The brunette stunner said she is 'head over heels' with her new man

The brunette stunner said she is ‘head over heelswith her new manAnerkennung: Instagram

The stunning brunettewho tied the knot with stripper PJay Finch on the E4 showis now in a new relationship with gas engineer TJ O’Reilly.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about her romance, Jess said: “I have no regrets, I’ve come off the show and met my boyfriend who we now live together.

If these sequences before hadn’t happened, then I wouldn’t have met him.

I am head over heels in love, it’s only been four months, we live together nowhe moved in two weeks ago and we’re just obsessed with each other.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this, 31-Jahre.”

The TV favourite has defended heroverreaction” zu ihr husband’s job after she was slammed by fans.

You go through so many months of saying who you want and what you wantthey even ask you what political party,” Sie erklärte.

I said I didn’t want a stripper and don’t give me anyone muscly as it makes me cringe and I said someone that has their own housenot saying you’re bad for living with your mum but that’s what I asked for.

“So, when I didn’t get that I just felt really hard done by.

What you didn’t see was me on the wedding day tell the camera ‘Am I a joke to you all, this is my life, I feel like you’re mugging me off.'

Jess admitted that she and PJay ended the process as friends but were simplyincompatibleromantically and shouldn’t be slammed for beinghonest”.

Sie fuhr fort: “In life shouldn’t you just be honest, MARK Wright hat gesagt, er sei krebsfrei, nachdem ihm ein 4,7-Zoll-Tumor aus seiner Achselhöhle entfernt wurde 2022, you should be able to say no to anything even if it’s just replying to someone in a DM, you’ve got the right to say no this is not what you want.

It was not like I went ‘oh my god you’re a stripper’ – it’s just not what I want.

“Mir, we’re in different stages of our life, I’m ready to have a baby and settle down. If my husband is away at weekends and nights and I’m working 10 hours in the day, how would that actually work, it wouldn’t.

That was my point, and I said that many times during filming but none of that context was shown.

All it was shown was me sayinghe was a stripper, but they missed out the other side of what I was saying so it was really unfair editing in that sense because I said the reasons why but none of them were show.

The Harry Potter fanatic was left frustrated that some scenes were “bearbeitet” to make her look like thebad guy”.

I think coming into it they have their narrative and even in the first commitment ceremony Paul said he and PJay knew each other on the outside and have mutual friends and said he knew he was there for the right reasons,” Sie sagte.

Paul telling me that made me feel it was a complete bias thing.

I’ve never been horrible to him, we got on like a house on fire, I was never nasty to him, we just weren’t compatible.

Jess has also opened up about the horrific trolling that she’s experienced and admitted she’d been seeing therapist.

I was founding it really difficult with the amount of trolling I was getting and people being nasty about meI was just being honest, isn’t that what you’re meant to do, I’m not going to lead him on for a TV show,” Sie sagte.

The death threats were horrific; I had a major panic attack one day when I was coming home and had to stop my car and rang my friend.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

I ended up getting in touch with a therapist, so I started doing that.

These people don’t know us and to take time out of your life to say that ‘I’m going to find you and kill you’.

We’re all humans, we’re just normal people with normal lives and you think it’s okay to come at us, Das ist ist ekelhaft!”

Jess has slammed trolls for sending her horrific abuse

Jess has slammed trolls for sending her horrific abuseAnerkennung: Erotem
She said some scenes were edited to create a 'narrative'

She said some scenes were edited to create a ‘narrativeAnerkennung: Erotem