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Whitney di Married At First Sight risponde ai critici che la chiamano "dispettosa"

MARRIED At First Sight’s Whitney Elizabeth has defended herself to fans of the show who called her ‘spiteful’ and ‘fame-hungry.’

Viewers were left gobsmacked as bride Whitney slammed her groom Duka as they met for the first time.

Whitney did not hold back her true feelings for Duka
Whitney did not hold back her true feelings for Duka
Fans were stunned watching their wedding last night
Fans were stunned watching their wedding last night

PA Whitney, 31, came face-to-face with her new husband on last night’s new series of the E4 dating show.

After rolling her eyes at him and giving him the cold shoulder, MAFS fans quickly turned on her.

Whitney, who shared her heart-breaking personal story that she was still grieving for her mother who was her best friend who had passed away suddenly, has now spoken out against her critics.

Posting a shot from a gym work-out, the St Albans star said: “Everyone likes to talk about protecting people’s mental health and stopping bullying but apparently if someone is on your TV we are fair game.

Lei ha aggiunto: “All I can say is this was an intense process for me. I went into the experiment unfiltered and exposed my truest thoughts and feelings.

I go on a MASSIVE journey and I’m proud of the woman that I am.

The new series of MAFS premiered on E4! la notte scorsa.

Fans were left stunned when Whitney then told her new hubby that she was tempted to run out the door when she saw him.

Speaking away from the camera, lei disse: “This is the worst thing I’ve ever done in my f***ing life.

Whitney later insulted Duka’s height, chiamandolo “piccolo” and refused to hold his hand or kiss him.

Fans quickly flocked to Twitter to give their verdict.

Uno ha scritto: “Whitney is rude and annoying! Dunno if I can watch her for however many weeks this lasts.

A second agreed: “Whitney has a poisonous soul! Duka what a gentleman deserves better than this diva!”

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Un altro postato: “Surely this Whitney some kinda villain character cos surely no one is that much of a stuck up b**** naturally.

Whitney is this year’s Morag, calling it now!! She is vile,” another posted.

Married At First Sight is back on E4 tonight at 9pm.