ボーダフォンが提供している 400% この素晴らしいSIMのみの取引で余分なデータ – 午後14ポンド/月

We’ve seen a number of eye-catching SIM-only deals appear online this summer, and here’s one that comes courtesy of Vodafone.

The network has boosted the data allowance of its £14-per-month SIM plan from 20GB to an incredible 100GB.

This big-data SIM-only deal is available from Vodafone via

This big-data SIM-only deal is available from Vodafone via

This is a 12-month contract, so it’s a great choice if you’re happy with your current handset but want to switch over to a new pay-monthly plan.

You can pick it up over at BuyMobiles.

The standard cost is £15 per month, but that drops to £14 once you’ve entered a cashback redemption process.

If you’re currently in the market for a SIM plan for your phone, now’s a good time to strikeyou’ve got a few different deals to pick from.

This isn’t the first Vodafone SIM-only offer we’ve seen appear online recently.

今週はじめ, our tech writer Tom Tyers reported on another Vodafone SIM plan that offers even bigger savingshead over to and you can snap up a 100GB plan for £7.50 after cashback.

Tom also noticed a Three SIM-only deal that comes with an enormous 250GB of monthly data そして, better still, the first six months are half the usual price.

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