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The simple reason you could be BANNED from travelling to the US

YOUR next holiday to the US could be ruined due to a simple rule change.

For Brits to visit the US, you need to pay for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) which is a visa waiver.

A holiday to Cuba could scupper your plans to go to the US

A holiday to Cuba could scupper your plans to go to the USAnerkennung: Alamy

jedoch, this could be refused if you have been to Cuba since last year, meaning you will not be able to visit the US.

This is because Cuba was added to the US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism by the Trump administration in January 2021.

Cuba joins countries such as Syria and North Korea on their list, and has not yet been removed by the Biden aministration.

As it is on this list, it means travellers who have a Cuban passport stamp could see their ESTA refused.

The US Customs and Border Protection explains on the website: “If a traveler is found to have visited a country designated as State Sponsor of Terrorism, the traveler is no longer eligible to participate in the Visa Wavier Program and must apply for a visa to enter the United States.”

Stattdessen, holidaymakers could be forced to buy a normal visa instead of the ESTA, which often take longer and are more expensive, Kalkulation $160 (£141).

Not only that, but being refused an ESTA can make it harder to get one in the future.

Gemäß The i, a number of tourists have complained about being refused due to their visit to Cuba.

One Brit said they were stopped from boarding a flight from Paris to San Francisco due to havingrecently visited Cubawhile another couple said their previously approved ESTAs changed to being denied after they visited Cuba.

One person wrote earlier this month: “I was visiting Cuba for a week from Spanien last week and my ESTA was revoked two days before my flight to Florida.

Jemand anderes hinzugefügt: “I flew from Havana to the Bahamas via Miami, and while connecting at Miami I was told my ESTA had been cancelled.

The UK Foreign Office website is yet to update the current travel advice to reflect this, and states that flights between the UK and Cuba areunaffected by this US legislation”.

Das price of an ESTA went up this year from $14 (£11) zu $21 (£17), although they last for two years.

And Brits will soon need a visa to travel to Europe next year as well.

Das JA-Schema, similar to the US ESTA, means Brits will have to pay €7 (£6) für ein dreijähriges Visum’ bei Reisen in Länder der EU.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Jeder zwischen dem Alter von 18 und 70 muss es bezahlen, wenn Sie für weniger als reisen 90 Tage, with applications submitted 96 Stunden vor Reiseantritt.

Bewerberinnen und Bewerber werden um Angaben zu ihrer Identität gebeten, Reisepass, Ausbildung, Job, letzte Reise, und strafrechtliche Verurteilungen, einschließlich, wenn Sie jemals aus einem Land geworfen wurden.

A US ESTA is likely to be denied if you have been to Cuba since January 2021

A US ESTA is likely to be denied if you have been to Cuba since January 2021Anerkennung: Alamy