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Spoiler su Emmerdale: Sandra scende a un nuovo minimo nel piano contro la figlia Liv

READY for anything to get some cash, Sandra Flaherty plays with her daughter’s marriage to Vinny Dingle.

Next week in Emmerdale, the schemer played by Joanne Mitchell takes her plan to a new sickening level to further isolate her.

Sandra Flaherty is getting desperate for cash

Sandra Flaherty is getting desperate for cashCredito: ITV
She tries to isolate her daughter Liv to earn her trust and money

She tries to isolate her daughter Liv to earn her trust and moneyCredito: ITV
She does so by pushing Gabby Thomas on to Liv's husband Vinny Dingle

She does so by pushing Gabby Thomas on to Liv’s husband Vinny DingleCredito: ITV

Sandra rocked up the Dales with the promise of getting help for her alcohol addiction but she’s only wreaked havoc in the eponymous village.

As she conspires with a man named Terry to take all the money she can get her hands on, the troublemaker has decided to target her own daughter Liv (ritratto da Isobel Steele), knowing she’s financially at ease.

This involves trying to push Liv’s husband Vinny (Bradley Johnson) away from her in the hopes Sandra will get all her trust and cash.

purtroppo, Sandra has picked a single Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) to be one of her pawns.

In arrivo, Sandra continues to plant seeds of doubt in Liv’s mind and pushes Vinny and Gabby più vicino.

But when Liv shows no signs of jealousy when faced with her husband’s banter with Gabby, Sandra is irked and takes things even further.

To do so, she decides to turn her sights on to Vinny, hoping she can get him to crack.

Soon enough, she tries to ply Vinny and Gabby with drinks and the former is embarrassed when his mother-in-law goes into detail about her love life.

Sandra feigns ignorance towards Liv’s asexuality and continues to push her agenda, ready to catch Vinny in a compromising situation.

ITV viewers will remember that Sandra first put her plan into place by letting Liv think Gabby could be trying to seduce Vinny.

To make things worse, she also told Liv that her asexuality could be the cause of potential infidelity in her marriage.


Tutto quello che devi sapere su Emmerdale

Before trying to stir up trouble for Liv, Sandra blackmailed Rishi Sharma after taking advantage of his loneliness during a date.

Nel frattempo, Vinny’s mother Mandy has tried to expose Sandra, knowing she’s up to no good.

Could Vinny cheat on Liv with Gabby?

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And will Sandra keep getting away with her misdeeds?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Sandra is also using Liv's asexuality against her

Sandra is also using Liv’s asexuality against herCredito: ITV
Will she manage to push Vinny and Gabby together?

Will she manage to push Vinny and Gabby together?Credito: ITV