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1,000-lb Sisters fans RIP Amy Slaton 'colchón sucio’ cubierto de manchas

FANS ripped into Amy Slaton after she showed off her ‘not too cleanmattress during a recent episode of 1,000-lbs Sisters, moving the stained bed from her filthy old house into her new one.

Earlier this season, the TLC star invited cleaners into her home, revealing to fans that she struggles with hoarding.

Fans ripped into Amy Slaton after seeing her filthy mattress on an episode of 1,000-lbs Sisters

Fans ripped into Amy Slaton after seeing her filthy mattress on an episode of 1,000-lbs SistersCrédito: TLC
The mattress was covered in brown stains

The mattress was covered in brown stainsCrédito: TLC

During Monday’s show, Amy invited fans along as she and Michael moved from the duplex next door to sister Tammy Slaton into their new, remodeled home.

Amy got emotional during the process, noting the many memories she, Miguel, and even Tammy shared in the house.

She recalled getting ready for her wedding in the house, and bringing home Gage, her first child.

Fans couldn’t focus on the emotional aspect, sin embargo, as many were distracted by the mess.

Amy and Michael’s mattress, En particular, caught viewerseyes.

The mattress had an off-white sheet on it that was covered in brown stains on the sides and top.

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Amy and Michael moved the mattress with the sheet on it, loading it into a truck and placing it in the house as-is.

Fans were stunned, with one escritura: “@TLC made sure we got every angle of that mattress.

Un usuario de Twitter escribió: “Me watching them drag this already ‘not too cleanmattress on the ground,” with a gif of someone looking disappointed.

Otro comentó: “If the mattress is there for ratings, it’s definitely working.

A third Twitter user slammed Amy, dicho: “After seeing that mattress, Amy’s new house is gonbe just as nasty as the 1st.

Another viewer bromeó: “what’s worse Tammy’s attitude or that mattress.

Amy I will buy you a new mattress and sectional and I mean that please find a way to get in contact with me I got it,” someone else Ofrecido.

There were a few fans defending Amy, with some noting her confession about struggling with hoarding earlier this season.

The mattress — let’s be kind. When you live in poverty & battle generational cycles of abuse/hoarding, you don’t see what everyone else sees. Amy & Michael are doing the best they can, breaking cycles slowly. One step at a time,” a Twitter user escribió.


Amy and Tammy have been open about the struggles in their family.

The pair admit that they don’t have the closest relationship with mom Darlene, they have, sin embargo, inherited something from her.

Amy opened up about battling hoarding, inviting professional organizers into the home she and Michael share to clean.

It didn’t take long before Amy and the organizers realized the task at hand was bigger than they though.

While cleaning their home, Amy, su marido, and the professionals discovered cockroaches, dead mice and rodent feces.

Amy broke down during the episode, realizing the gravity of the situation.

Reddit usuarios rallied around her, con una escritura: “It looks like Amy is having a breakdown breakthrough to me.

Another user noted: “Amy exposing her home on television was a big step.

Amy said during the episode her son Gage was a major motivator for her decision to get organized.

She is now pregnant with her second child, which should serve as more motivation.

Tammy was not there to help Amy and Michael move.

Much of this season has revolved around her health struggles, as her doctors try to get her to loose weight and she flounders.

After tipping the scales at 639-pounds, Tammy was re-entered into a rehab facility for a food addiction.

She recently shared selfies on social media of herself seemingly in a hospital setting.

Fans tried to get answers from Tammy, but she didn’t respond.

Amy and husband Michael moved the mattress from their old home into their new house

Amy and husband Michael moved the mattress from their old home into their new houseCrédito: TLC
Amy opened up earlier this season about her battle with hoarding

Amy opened up earlier this season about her battle with hoardingCrédito: TLC
Tammy Slaton, Entretanto, has been battling with her health

Tammy Slaton, Entretanto, has been battling with her healthCrédito: Tammy Slaton/instagram

1000-lb hermanas’ Tammy Slaton posts from hospital bed hooked up to tubes after tipping the scale at 639 libras

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