モリソンズが値下げ 150 製品 – 明らかになった貯蓄リスト

MORRISONS has slashed the price of 150 products online and in-store.

The supermarket has reduced everything from meat, to rice, pizza and bread, all in an effort to help shoppers battling a 生活費危機.

The price cuts follow similar moves by several other major supermarkets

The price cuts follow similar moves by several other major supermarkets

Cupboard staples and frequently purchased items used to make nutritious meals for less are included in the deals.

ザ・ スーパーマーケット is cutting the cost of chicken breasts, mince, パン, baked beans, chopped tomatoes, potatoes and a variety of fruit and vegetables.

The lower prices cover nearly six per cent of モリソンズ total volume sales and offer customers an average saving of 14 パーセント.

モリソンズ has invested over £100 million to cut these prices to help customers as the 生活費危機 continues to impact household grocery budgets.

デビッドポッツ, chief executive, モリソンズ 前記: “The cost of living crisis continues to place an enormous financial burden on our customers and we want to play our part in helping them when it comes to the cost of grocery shopping.

These price cuts are on the products they buy day in and day out and will have a noticeable impact on their budgets and demonstrate our commitment to offering the best possible value.

The firm has cut the price of its salted butter by 16p from £2.15 to £1.99.

しかしながら, savvy shoppers could get the same amount of butter for just £1.75 from Lidl.

モリソンズ’ long grain rise now costs 54p as prices were cut from £1.49 to £0.95.

But savings can still be found elsewhere. 例えば, the same type of rice can be bought from Aldi for just £0.45.

Customers can get a loaf of white bread for £0.79 after the supermarket cut the cost by 6p.

それでも M&S customers can get a similar loaf for 9p less at 70p.

モリソンズ’ thin crust cheese pizza now costs £0.69 after having its price cut by 30p.

テスコ customers can grab a similar style pizza for just 66p.

The price of steak mince has been reduced by 80p from £3.69 to £2.89.

The supermarkets lean mince is price matched with that on offer by アルディ.

And the cost of Morrisons thick bleach has been cut by 40p from £1.35 to £0.95.

But the price of Morrisons thick bleach does gets beaten by those on offer by Aldi and Lidl とテスコ.

しかしながら, Morrisons isn’t the only firm to cut food prices.

Sainsbury’s slashed the prices of hundreds of items back in March.

Asda also cut the prices of more than 100 items online and in-store to help customers with the rising cost of living.

Example of own-brand price cuts

  • Morrisons steak mince 5% fat 500gwas £3.69 now £2.89
  • Morrisons chicken breast fillets 1kgwas £6.75 now £6.09
  • Morrisons salad peppers 3pkwas £1.49 now £1.25
  • Morrisons carrots 1kgwas £0.55 now £0.45
  • Morrisons onions 1kgwas £1.15 now £0.65
  • Morrisons toastie white loaf 800gwas £0.85 now £0.79
  • Morrisons salted british butter 250gwas £2.15 now £1.99
  • Morrisons thin cheese pizza 314gwas £0.99 now £0.69
  • Morrisons original thick bleach 2lwas £1.35 now £0.95
  • Morrisons baked beans 410gwas £0.49 now £0.39
  • Morrisons chopped tomatoes 400gwas £0.49 now £0.39
  • Morrisons long grain rice 1kgwas £1.49 now £0.95

How to cut the cost of your supermarket shop

Even though Morrisons has slashed its prices, it’s still worth having a shop around for yourself rather than taking their word for it.

After a little bit of research, you might find another supermarket has cheaper prices, and it can pay to vary up your shop.

One shopper ditched the supermarket altogether in favour of their local wholesaler, that way they could stock up in bulk, at lower prices.

You can also cash in on reduced foods like yellow sticker bargainsthese will be items reduced because they’re about to meet their best before date.

They’ll still be safe to eat, or freeze to make them last longer, but it means you can pick up the same products at an even cheaper price.

Sometimes even timing your shop to stock up just as items are discounted on the shelves can help you get the best bargainslots of shoppers have said this is in the evening typically.

But being smart about how you shop isn’t the only way to slash spends.

Especially as prices continue to rise, there are schemes in place to help the most hard-up buy essentials.

親は立ち上がることができます £442 in Healthy Start vouchers that they can use at the supermarket, on food and more for their children, 例えば.

プラス, many councils offer supermarket vouchers as part of the Household Support fundso you can make your money go further with the extra support available.