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Pete Doherty revela un cuerpo delgado mientras actúa en el escenario

PETE Doherty revealed his new slimmed down frame while performing on stage and embracing his new life in France.

The 42-year-old performed at the Terry Hall presents Home Sessions in Coventry Cathedral on Saturday while wearing an England football T-shirt.

Pete Doherty showed off his new slim frame

Pete Doherty showed off his new slim frameCrédito: Rex
The star performed on stage in an England shirt

The star performed on stage in an England shirtCrédito: Rex

Pete completed the look with a pair of dark grey jeans as he played his guitar on stage.

The rock star returned to the stage last week with a performance in Newcastle as restrictions across the country were lifted.

El mes pasado, Pete looked completely unrecognisable when he was walking his dog in France.

The 42-year-old star swapped his once hard-living life in London for strolls in idyllic Normandy where he has developed a passion for Comté cheese.

Wearing a flat cap and sporting an impressive moustache, the former Babyshambles and Libertines star looked relaxed in the sunshine.

He was seen with a newspaper in one hand and what appeared to be a hunk of bread in the other.

Dressed in a short-sleeved shirt, shorts and flip-flops, he strolled along with his dog on a long piece of rope.

He was joined by Rafa, who plays with him in his latest band Peter Doherty and the Puta Madres.


Dentro de la escalofriante desaparición de la estrella del porno, OMS once dated supermodel Kate Moss, swapped the UK for France with his girlfriend and bandmate Katia De Vidas.

He recently said how he enjoys “a nice glass of water”.

Pete also admitted that he would love some fast food — but there are no takeaway shops in the area of Normandy in which he lives.

Él dijo: “I’d have a Big Mac if I could, pero no puedo. The nearest McDonald’s is 40 minutes away.”

A source close to him said in March: “While lockdown has been tough for so many people, Pete is honestly the happiest he’s ever been.

“He used to live a fast-paced, hedonistic lifestyle. He was the epitome of rock and roll. But the relaxed pace of life suits him more.

“He and Katia have been spending time in Étretat, a coastal town popular with visiting Parisians.

“He still has a hand in music as that’s his number-one passion, por supuesto, but going to France has allowed him to relax.

“Over the last few months he has taken his foot off the pedal and has really been enjoying his downtime.”

Pete has been living his life in France

Pete has been living his life in FranceCrédito: Chapoteo
He returned to the stage last week

He returned to the stage last weekCrédito: Alamy

Ex-Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty looks unrecognisable as he walks dog in France