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J'ai repéré un faux agent de la circulation’ mais les flics ont dit que cela ralentissait le trafic

POLICE investigated a dummy dressed as a PC and holding a “speed gun” after complaints it was “impersonating an officer”.

A patrol took a look at the model which had been put up in a 30mph zone.

Police couldn't care less that the scarecrow-like dummy was 'impersonating an officer', as it is not human

Police couldn’t care less that the scarecrow-like dummy was ‘impersonating an officer’, as it is not human

But they rejected complaints — and hailed the mannequin as a welcome addition to road safety.

Owner Richard Wright, of Maulden, Bedfordshire, mentionné: “Once they knew it wasn’t human, they couldn’t care less.

“They commented on how it was slowing traffic down. It’s working wonders.”

Richard posted details online where Anna Moss wrote: “It’s brilliant. We actually thought it was real until we got up close.”

Hannah Tompkins added: “I’ve had people flashing their headlights warning me about him. We just laughed a lot.”

Linda Chamberlain said: “I was fooled!"

But Aaron Stringer was unimpressed. Il a écrit: “It’s technically impersonating an officer of the law. Utterly not funny.”

Police said they had “no concerns” after checking the dummy.

Un porte-parole a dit: “As long as the item is helping to slow down traffic, and doesn’t cause a danger, it can remain.”