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En qué consiste el caso de desaparición de Kristin Smart?

KRISTIN Smart was a young California girl who went missing from her college campus over two decades ago.

Although she was never found, opening statements in the trial for her suspected murderer, pablo flores, began on July 18, 2022, in Salinas, California.

Kristin Smart disappeared in 1996 and still has never been found

Kristin Smart disappeared in 1996 and still has never been foundCrédito: Prensa Zuma

En qué consiste el caso de desaparición de Kristin Smart?

Kristin Smart is a woman who is presumed to have been abducted and killed at the end of her freshman year of college in May 1996.

She was legally declared dead in 2002, although a body has still not been found over 20 años después.

She was a student of California Polytechnic State University at the San Luis Obispo campus.

Three fellow students escorted Smart back to her hall of residence after an off-campus party before she disappeared.

Fellow Cal Poly student Paul Flores is believed to be the last person to see her before her disappearance.

She disappeared over Memorial Day weekend.

Smart’s parents last heard from her in a voicemail she left after attending the party.

Who murdered Kristin Smart?

En julio 18, 2022, opening statements for the trial of Paul Flores began in California.

En 1996, Flores became a person of interest in Kristin’s case.

Smart’s family filed a civil lawsuit against Flores in November 1996 for the wrongful death of their daughter.

They claimed their daughter was killed by Flores on college grounds.

En 2020, the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office servedanother search warrant for specific items of evidence” a pablo flores’ Los Angeles County home.

pablo flores (derecho) with his attorney in 2006

pablo flores (derecho) with his attorney in 2006Crédito: imágenes falsas – Getty

We are precluded by law from disclosing any further details about them including items sought or recovered during the process,” the Sheriff’s Office said at the time.

El martes, abril 13, 2021, KSBY reported Flores was taken into custody in connection with Smart’s disappearance.

He was taken into custody in San Pedro, California.

Su padre, Ruben Flores, was also taken into custody around the same time at his home in Arroyo Grande.

The news comes after March 15, 2021, when it was reported that authorities were authorized to use cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar technology at Ruben Flores’ casa.

En el momento, officials referred to Flores as theprime suspectin Smart’s case.

KSBY reported an old Volkswagen was taken from Ruben Floresproperty at the time.

En octubre 18, 2022, Paul Flores was found guilty of the charges while his father Ruben was acquitted.

El viernes, diciembre 9, Paul’s prison sentence will be announced as he could possibly face life in prison.