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Maisie Smith slammed by furious fans for moaning about walk with Xmas shopping

MAISIE Smith was mocked by fans for moaning about her nine-minute walk with heavy Christmas shopping.

The actress posted a TikTok video explaining an Uber driver had dropped her off at the wrong location on her way back from Sheffield Town Centre.

Maisie Smith furiously ranted on TikTok

Maisie Smith furiously ranted on TikTokCrédit: TikTok/@maisielousmith

She was forced to lug her bags after her phone died and was unable to call for another taxi.

I’m absolutely raging,” Maisie ranted.

So I’m in Sheffield right now and don’t know the area, haven’t been here before. I’m just doing a show around the corner.

I went out today and did a bit of Christmas shopping as you do, it’s December.

I got my Uber back to my apartment, and the driver said ‘is this alright, can I drop you here?’

“J'étais comme, 'Oui, I’m sure I’m within the realms of my apartment.

I get out the car and I’m thinking ‘I don’t know where I am, but maybe it’s just because I’m not from Sheffield’, mais non.

I get my Google Maps up thinking, ‘surely it’s nearby’.

It says it’s a nine minute walk. I might as well get another Uber at this rate. As if he thought this would be fine.

The worst part is he saw me trundle into the car with these bags. He knew I had a lot going on. It wasn’t just a ten minute stroll. He saw me lug it all out the car and f***ed off.

Elle a ajouté: “I’ve had a mare. I’m in utter shock.

I’m home now. I’m sure I’ll get over it, soon.

She was bombarded with “détester” in the comments as trolls made fun of her.

L'un a dit: “omg a 9 minute walk. how on earth will you cope #prayformaisie.

The trauma,” un autre a dit.

A commenter added: “This is typical actor traumawhat’s the betting stage management had to bail her out?”

Quelqu'un d'autre a dit: “Oh god that’s terrible how will u survive.

Maisie cheekily replied: “Struggling tbh.

Alors que les fans étaient durs avec la personnalité de la télé-réalité à propos des problèmes dentaires de sa fille: “ahhhh poor you, 1st world problems….. there are actually serious issues people are dealing with like affording food and heating as you’re wasting ££.

Furious Maisie hit back: “You’re absolutely right Jo. God forbid I talk about a young woman walking on her own in an unknown city at night. I guess no issues ever lie there x

One fan insisted: “It could have been worse.

Maisie replied: “Yeh could’ve got lost n kidnapped tbf so I came out lucky.