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Rochelle Humes ‘quits’ social media as she thanks fans for their ‘support’

TV star Rochelle Humes has quit social media, and thanked fans for their “love and support.”

The 33-year-old took to social media to share a sweet post with husband Marvin Humes while posing in front of a Christmas tree.

Rochelle Humes told fans she'd be taking a social media break

Rochelle Humes told fans she’d be taking a social media breakCrédito: instagram
The star posted this adorable snap of her husband and son

The star posted this adorable snap of her husband and sonCrédito: Instagram

Rochelle wrote: “I’m signing off for a couple of weeks to spend some quality time with my little gang.

“I just want to say how grateful I am for your love and support this year. I couldn’t do what I do without you all and I’m SO thankful.

“Have the best New Year, now is the time to manifest the year you want. See you all in January for a proper catch up.”

Rochelle looked stunning in the photo as she wore a short black dress and sparkly heels while stood next to a very stylish Marvin who wore a patterned jacket and matching trousers.

Before signing off, Rochelle added one more photo of her adorable son Blake and husband Marvin.

Rochelle stuns in the sunny picture with her hair swept back, while her son and husband match in adorable outfits and both rock dummies.

Ella escribió: “Before I go this could possibly be my new favourite pic… can you cope?

“My boys… an unbreakable bond…”

Rochelle’s post comes after she opened up on her close bond with Marvin’s dad.

Rochelle was speaking on the most recent episode of Tolly T on Bumble’s podcast My Love Is alongside her husband Marvin, who she married in 2012.

Rochelle and Marvin, 37, both have Jamaican fathers and they were asked if that “helped them to bond.”

Presenter Rochelle replied: “I think for me I instantly felt a real closeness to Marvin’s dad. We got together and his dad is an incredible dad to him.

“I kind of instantly bonded with him because it was like the dad I never had around if you know what I mean.”

Rochelle continued: “So we would bond over… he would teach me how to cook and first things first was like ‘right you need to know how to cook.’

“So yeah we definitely bonded over that and I was thankful to take on another family too.”

Rochelle and Marvin got married in 2012

Rochelle and Marvin got married in 2012Crédito: rochellehumes/instagram