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L'invité est horrifié après avoir trouvé des "culottes sales"’ derrière le lit dans la chambre d'hôtel

A GUEST at a Holiday Inn was left horrified after discovering a pair ofsoiled knickersbehind the bed in his room.

David Craig made the grotty find after dropping his car keys behind the headboard as he left the budget hotel in Inverness, Écosse.

A guest was left "disgusted" at the Holiday Inn Express Stoneyfield in Inverness

A guest was leftdisgustedat the Holiday Inn Express Stoneyfield in Inverness

The 52-year-old, who slammed the hotels hygiene standards, also reported finding adisgusting amountof dust and old bits of food.

He suggested there was several indications that it “hadn’t been cleaned for a while.”

Mr Craig, who works as mechanic, explained to the Daily Record that he had been in the area to visit some old friends.

toutefois, his trip was “ruined” when he discovered the dirty underwear lurking under the bed.

Il expliqua: “We booked a few nights away in Inverness to see some old friends and on the morning of January 6 I dropped my keys down the back of the bed, where the headboard is.

I pulled the bed out and there was a dirty pair of ladiesunderwear and there was also bits of food and a disgusting amount of dust.

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You could see it clearly hadn’t been touched in a while.

We certainly didn’t expect a room like this, especially with the virus going round.

The website of the hotel promisesdaily housekeepingas part of its services.

toutefois, David issued concerns that managers aren’t giving rooms a proper clean in between guests as he later requested a refund.

Il ajouta: “The hotel staff were apologetic and switched our room and let us stay for nothing.

They promised a refund but never came back with it.

That doesn’t bother us but people need to know what’s going on in hotels.

That area of the room has just totally been ignored.

If it had been lovely and clean behind the bed and we found a pair of underwear you would think it might be a one-off.

It ruined the rest of our stay. You’d expect to find the room completely clean, especially now.

Representatives from the Holiday Inn branch have since issued an apology to Mr Craig and have admitted to a “lapse in standards.”

A spokeswoman for IHG said: “Globalement, the Holiday Inn Express Inverness has an excellent record for cleanliness however on this occasion there was a clear lapse in standards.

The hotel apologised to the guest regarding this matter, which was immediately rectified directly with the guest.”

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