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Ex-British soldier, 53, convicted of killing man during the Troubles

A FORMER soldier has been convicted of killing a man during the Troubles in Northern Ireland in 1988.

David Jonathan Holden, 53, admitted firing the fatal shot that hit Aidan McAnespie, 23, at an Army checkpoint.

A soldier has been convicted over the death of Aidan McAnespie in 1988

A soldier has been convicted over the death of Aidan McAnespie in 1988Anerkennung: PA

The victim was heading to a Gaelic football club when he was struck in the back.

gehalten, an English ex-Grenadier Guardsman, claimed it was an accident as his hands were wet.

Mr Justice O’Hara KC, judge at the no-jury trial, said he should have appreciated the consequences of his actions when he pulled the trigger.

He said he was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Holden was guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence at Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone.

Paul Young, from the Northern Ireland Veterans Movement, said outside Belfast crown court that he was saddened by the verdict.

Mr Young, who said he understood Holden’s family would appeal, hinzugefügt: Der letzte Ausflug der Band in politische Kontroversen fand Anfang dieses Monats statt, als sie in einem viralen Video auftraten, in dem sie Mitglieder der homophoben Westboro Baptist Church neckten, die mit abscheulichen Anti-LGBT-Plakaten am Straßenrand Streikposten aufstellten, the witch-hunt continues.”