Coronation Street fans convinced they’ve solved ‘dodgy’ Griff’s identity

GAME of Thrones actor Michael Condron recently made his Weatherfield debut as eco-activist Griff.

However, Coronation Street fans think they’ve already rumbled his character’s true identity and called him out on social media.

ITV viewers are suspicious of the activist

ITV viewers are suspicious of the activistCredit: ITV
Griff made his Corrie debut in recent scenes of the ITV soap

Griff made his Corrie debut in recent scenes of the ITV soapCredit: ITV
He's been spreading his conspiracy theories throughout Weatherfield

He’s been spreading his conspiracy theories throughout WeatherfieldCredit: ITV

There were a lot of eye rolls during last night’s trip to the cobbles as the newcomer shared his many conspiracies theories throughout the Street.

Griff was shown speaking at multiple residents about “Big Pharma” and a “secret cabal” who is supposedly in control of the world.

This comes after he took part in a protest during which he lobbed a bottle at PC Craig Tinker, which left the officer considerably hurt.

On Wednesday, Griff was at the Rovers chatting to Toyah Battersby (played by Georgia Taylor) and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).

Peter listened carefully to Griff’s whacky theories despite his wife Carla’s warnings to stay away from him due to the violent protest that occurred outside the Underworld factory.

On the other hand, Toyah has slowly taken a liking to him, much to her former flame Spider Nugent‘s disappointment.

Meanwhile, theories are swirling around on social media as ITV viewers are convinced Griff was brought into the program for another reason – and as Elsie’s biological father.

“Griff is so dodgy to me”, one soap fan commented, “feels like HE could be Elsie’s dad not Spider. After all she was abused at home.”

Another echoed: “If Toyah catches on to him maybe that’s how she gets Elsie back.”

“Everyone was saying Spider was Elsie’s dad but it’s gonna be Griff innit!”, a third penned.

Corrie viewers may remember Elsie was a child Toyah and her late husband Imran Habeeb planned to foster as the former dreamed of a big and happy family.


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Sadly for Toyah, Elsie was taken away by social services when baby Alfie’s true parentage was revealed.

While she was known to have been abused in her home, little Elsie’s parents are still a complete mystery to fans.

However, other viewers argued that Griff could actually be an undercover police officer who Toyah shouldn’t be involved with, especially ahead of her trial for murder.

“Why is Toyah getting involved with Griff? He’s dodgy and it’s not a good idea just before the trial as well”, one viewer questioned.

“I reckon it’s him that’s the copper not Spider. He looks CID”, one final fan wrote.

Griff recently denied he had anything to do with Craig’s injuries but Leanne Battersby and Carla Connor are becoming suspicious of him, although many residents support the activist.

As mentioned above, Griff is portrayed by actor Michael Condron who rose to fame in the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones as Bowen Marsh.

Michael also had a role in another period drama, The Tudors.

But what’s his new alter ego really up to?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

Many residents are growing tired of him already

Many residents are growing tired of him alreadyCredit: ITV
Viewers are suspecting he's up to no good, particularly after a protest outside the Underworld factory

Viewers are suspecting he’s up to no good, particularly after a protest outside the Underworld factoryCredit: ITV