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Ferne McCann’s apology ‘insincere’, claims acid attack victim Sophie Hall

FERNE McCann’s grovelling Instagram apology has been branded “insincere” by acid attack victim Sophie Hall – who says the ITV star has blocked her on the social media site.

Television personality Ferne issued a lengthy statement on Instagram saying sorry to Sophie after a voice note where she called her “ugly” was leaked online.

Ferne McCann has been accused of offering an 'insincere' apology

Ferne McCann has been accused of offering an ‘insincere’ disculpaCrédito: Rex
Sophie Hall has hit out at Ferne after the leaked voice notes

Sophie Hall has hit out at Ferne after the leaked voice notesCrédito: Instagram

But Sophie says she was unable to read after Ferne blocked her account following the attack by Arthur Collins en 2017 – which left her scarred for life.

Sophie says: "Ferne has blocked me on Instagram, so I couldn’t even read her ‘apology’.

“I wonder how many other acid attack victims she has blocked?

“To me her words feel so insincere. Ferne is simply trying to salvage her career. I don’t think she is sorry at all.”

Estrella de Towie Ferne, 32, issued a lengthy statement directly apologising earlier this week after a voice note she made calling Sophie “ugly” leaked online.

In the message posted on Instagram, one part read: “I want to apologise to all the victims of Arthur Collins’ abhorrent actions in 2017 that they have to relive that night and the pain that followed because this matter is again in the public domain.

“In particular I want to apologise to Sophie Hall. I do not believe her to be ugly or stupid. She has been brave beyond belief.”

Sophie, 27, from Dorset, said she felt incredulous after friends sent her a screengrab of Ferne’s post.

Ella dice: “It is not a personal apology at all. If Ferne meant it she would have tried to make sure I could see it, or have got in touch directly.

“I used to follow Ferne before the attack and afterwards I realised later she had blocked me. I have no idea why – maybe she felt uncomfortable someone affected in the attack was viewing her posts.

“I find it strange she even spoke about me in the voice notes – she doesn’t even know me. And now she says she is sorry, but she won’t even reach out to me directly.

“Ferne is just trying to save her career. If she meant it she would have found my account and spoken to me personally.”

In Ferne’s statement, she went on to say she could not speak further because of an on-going investigation.

Ella añadió: “Arthur Collins’ crimes created genuine victims so I am not trying to portray myself as one.

“I am unable to say much because there are important and significant legal proceedings that prevent me from setting the record straight at this stage.

“What I can say is that the voice messages that are being released are manipulated; edited and taken entirely out of context.

“Even so, I will have said things that are untrue and I did not believe – but I did so to protect my family and myself from serious harm and in the face of significant threats.”

Sophie said she would be open to speaking with Ferne face-to-face and said she would wait until the time was right for her.

Ella agrega: I want Ferne to go on camera with me and apologise to my face.

“She can really show how deeply sorry she is then and if it is filmed she has nowhere to hide. I would respect that.

“We all say things we regret but you have to be accountable.

“If Ferne really is sorry, she will do it.”