TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska posted a bunch of adorable photos of her daughter Walker, nine months, while the baby girl was smiling and eating spaghetti.

チェルシー, 29, shared sweet snapshots of her little one on インスタグラム after she made a mess of herself.

Walker had a mouthful of spaghetti

Walker had a mouthful of spaghettiクレジット: インスタグラム / chelseahouska
Chelsea said she loved Walker's 'smile'

Chelsea said she loved Walker’s ‘smileクレジット: インスタグラム / chelseahouska

最初のInstagramストーリーで, Walker had her finger inside her mouth as she stared at the camera with her wide eyes.

Her mouth was orange due to the spaghetti she had just eaten.

The tray on her high chair was also a mess and was splattered with bits of spaghetti.

彼女が白いソファで寝ている間、ビクトリアは束ねられました, Walker closed her eyes and smiled wholeheartedly.

Chelsea captioned her other post: “The smile.

Chelsea’s husband, コール, jumped in the comments section and gushed about hisBig Girl!”

The TV personality and her husband Cole share three children together: ワトソン, 四, レイン, 三, とウォーカー, nine months.

Chelsea’s baby daddy Adam Lind is the father to her daughter Aubree, 12.


Fans were pretty rough on the former Teen Mom 2 star after she posed in her black and white ensemble on social media.

While strutting around in a pair of black jeans, she was wearing the whiteoversized teefrom her clothing line.

The MTV star was slammed by fans for beingridiculousbecause she was charging customers up to $32 for a plain and “退屈な” T-shirt from her clothing line.

彼女は投稿にキャプションを付けました: “Another Lily & Lottie drop coming at ya today.

The white and baggy T-shirt with short sleeves does indeed cost about $32.00, サイトによると.


When the snapshot of Chelsea and her T-shirt surfaced on Reddit, users were not pleased with the hefty price tag and slammed her fashion sense.

One Redditor said: “それぞれに、しかし私は無限の量の整形手術を受けません。! But people who buy her clothes deserve to be ripped off.

Another Redditor stated: “I’d wear it if it wasn’t so expensive. It’s basically what I wear going anywhere outside of the house.

A third Redditor added: “This is just getting ridiculous now.

A fourth person chimed in: “A plain shirt. Woooooooooow.

コメンテーターが指摘した: “When did she travel all the way to my house and steal my pajama shirts?”

Not only have trolls been trashing samples from her clothing line, but even Teen Mom co-star Kailyn Lowry, 29, had taken a shot of her own to shade Chelsea’s farmhouse.

最近, Kailyn said she actually “hates a farmhouse style” and it’s not a style that she would replicate.

Kailyn then took to her Instagram Stories and shared every step of the construction process behind her new home.

Chelsea smiled while holding Walker in her hands

Chelsea smiled while holding Walker in her hands
Fans slammed Chelsea's clothing line as 'boring'

Fans slammed Chelsea’s clothing line as ‘boringクレジット: インスタグラム / チェルシー・フースカ
Chelsea and Cole DeBoer pictured with their kids

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer pictured with their kidsクレジット: インスタグラム

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska charging fans $32 for plain ‘boringT-shirt from clothing line



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