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Eu sou um especialista em linguagem corporal & viu casal em risco de Strictly 'maldição’ depois de faísca

A BODY language expert insists he’s spotted a “fagulha” between a celebrity and their professional dancer partnerputting them at risk of the infamous Strictly “xingamento”.

Radio DJ Tyler West e Dianne Buswell were paired up on last night’s launch showand soon put on atactiledisplay.

Dianne Buswell and her celeb partner Tyler West

Dianne Buswell and her celeb partner Tyler WestCrédito: BBC

Fans are used to seeing partnerships grow close on the competitionand in some cases it’s led to love off-screen.

Over the course of 18 series of the BBC favourite, nearly a dozen couples have split up thanks to their time on the show.

Commenting on their chemistry, Darren said on behalf of Betfair BingoInstantly we saw lots of genuine emotion and happiness from both Tyler and Dianne as they met for the first time.

Both were quite tactile with one another from the outset, which will obviously help the initial awkwardness of getting to know each other as the weeks go on.

There was clearly an initial spark, which we have seen become an important element in the success of couples dancing on Strictly in previous years.

Tyler and Dianne could use this to their advantage in order to progress week on week.

Tyler is believed to be single as it’s not publicly known if he is married or has any children.

Meanwhile Dianne is happily loved up with Joe Sugg after falling for each other while they were partnered on Strictly in 2018.

Dianna shared a snap of herself with Tyler AND Joe backstage at rehearsals today.

Ela colocou a legenda: “The lads.

Darren adds that initial interaction between the couples on launch night is a useful way of finding out how they’ll progress in the competition.

After revealing who he thinks is most at risk of an early exit, Darren added: “Verbal and non-verbal communication is the key to success for any couple.

Observing the level of connection between a pair when they first meet reveals whether or not there is an instantaneous spark and a foundation for a connection to formif present, this can indicate who in this year’s Strictly competition might progress faster.

“When we meet somebody new for the first time, it can take days, weeks or even months to build a strong connection.

These guys are being propelled together in a very close and unnatural situation so the initial stages of their interactions are hugely important.”

Dianne with Tyler and her boyfriend Joe Sugg

Dianne with Tyler and her boyfriend Joe SuggCrédito: Instagram