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Coronation Street Spoiler: Aaron greift Paul an, nachdem er Summer Spellman unter Drogen gesetzt hat

WITH an abusive father at home, Aaron is relying on Summer Spellman as his main source of support.

But things escalate in Krönungsstraße next week and the lad lashes out against Paul Foreman during a row.

Aaron lashes out against Paul Foreman next week

Aaron lashes out against Paul Foreman next weekAnerkennung: ITV
Summer Spellman is in shock

Summer Spellman is in shockAnerkennung: ITV
Paul makes the decision to report Aaron to the authorities

Paul makes the decision to report Aaron to the authoritiesAnerkennung: ITV

James Craven’s character revealed he was being badly beaten by his angry father behind closed doors in earlier episodes of the ITV Seife.

jedoch, Summer Spellman (gespielt von Harriet Bibby) is the only resident in the cobbles he has felt comfortable enough to be open with.

Kommt hoch, Aaron reveals to her that he has confiscated his father’s wallet to stop him from buying booze and has discovered a bag of cannabis.

The pair are too curious to resist trying freshly baked weed brownies, leading to Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw to find them giggly and off their faces in the flat.

With the bishop due to visit any minute, Billy is appalled and sends them off to hide in the bedroom.

Todd tries to make sure further disaster doesn’t occur when he catches the bishop about to try one of the brownies and yells at him to stop.

Später, Billy lectures Aaron on the dangers of drugs and Summer naps, telling him she’s sick of being told what to do.

More and bigger trouble is looming on the horizon for Aaron when his father arrives at Kevin Webster’s garage, visibly drunk and volatile.

He threatens his son over the stolen cash and weed before he’s sent packing by Kevin.

Summer is soon shocked to learn that Aaron’s father waited for him and attacked him when he got home.

But Paul Foreman (dargestellt von Peter Ash) also has a word to say to Aaron after he hears from Fiz Stape that he stole weed from his father.

Paul calls at the flower shop flat and lays into Aaron for leading his teenage ward Summer astray.


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He then grabs Aaron’s arm, unaware it’s bruised, and the youngster winces in pain.

Aaron can’t contain his anger and lashes out, punching Paul in the face while Summer watches in shock.

Paul then tells Billy he’ll be reporting him to the police, forcing Aaron to explain to Billy that he gets regular beatings from his father.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

While Billy is sympathetic, will Paul be as lenient?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Little does everyone know Aaron is being abused by his father

Little does everyone know Aaron is being abused by his fatherAnerkennung: ITV
The lad steals money and cannabis from his father

The lad steals money and cannabis from his fatherAnerkennung: ITV