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Spoilers de Emmerdale: Kerry Wyatt schemes against Noah Dingle and Amelia Spencer

KERRY Wyatt plots to get rid of Noah Dingle AND break him up with Amelia Spencer.

Coming up on the Jabón ITV, Noah’s pleasantly surprised when Kerry suggests a job opportunity, believing she’s offering an olive branch.

Kerry tries to get rid of Noah

Kerry tries to get rid of NoahCrédito: ITV
Kerry plot to break up Noah and Amelia

Kerry plot to break up Noah and AmeliaCrédito: ITV
Noah and Amelia are back together, but for how long?

Noah and Amelia are back together, but for how long?Crédito: ITV

Pero, Noah and Amelia see the job offer for what it really isa ploy to get rid of Noah.

El día siguiente, Kerry convinces Dan to help her break up Noah and Amelia.

Soon Charity is involved. But could Kerry’s plan backfire?

Chas receives a message from Al asking to meet whilst Faith plans a day of fun.

Pero, Kerry soon takes up Al’s time meaning Chas is left disappointed.

mientras tanto, Matty’s uncomfortable when Suzy tries to chat with him.

When Suzy later turns up at Holly’s remembrance do, Matty’s forced to hide his resentment.

Noticing how grateful Moira is when Suzy asks to pay her respects, Matty hides a flicker of regret.

Can these two build bridges?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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