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Parlament von chinesischen Spionen bedroht, Abgeordneten, die HEUTE mitgeteilt werden sollen

POLTICIANS will be warned of a specific Chinese spying threat targeted at them TODAY.

MPs and Peers are to shortly receive a stark security warning that a Chinese national female has been attempting to influence MPs across the political divide.

A Chinese spying row is set to hit Parliament today

A Chinese spying row is set to hit Parliament todayAnerkennung: Alamy

She has been monitored by the security services and are understood to have links to the Chinese state.

A security source said the announcement is imminent following months of investigation, and parliamentary insiders confirm they are braced for a major announcement today.

It is understood the warning will come in the form of aParliamentary Interference Alertsent to all MPs and Peers later today.

But no politicians are under investigation.

The House of Commons authorities have not commented.

This is a breaking story. Weitere werden folgen…

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