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Danny Miller se burla del regreso permanente a Emmerdale mientras rechaza el spin-off de I'm A Celeb's All Star

DANNY Miller has confessed he’s not ruling out a permanent return to Emmerdale ahead of his brief stint for the soap’s 50th anniversary.

El actor, 31, quit as Aaron Dingle last year before going on to win I’m a Celebrity.

Danny isn't ruling out a permanent return to Emmerdale

Danny isn’t ruling out a permanent return to EmmerdaleCrédito: Rex
He is the reigning I'm a Celeb champ

He is the reigning I’m a Celeb champCrédito: Rex

But despite being the reigning king of the jungle, Danny wasn’t part of the line-up of celebs who flew to South Africa to film the all stars special.

Instead he’ll make a short return as Aaron in el jabón de itvand it may not be the last fans see of him.

Confessing that it was a risk to leave around the same time the show’s serial killer Meena Jutla was at large, Danny said: “It’s a risk, sabes, you can’t just go up there and say, I’m leaving and don’t you dare kill me off.

Cause you don’t have that say, sabes, you’re not the boss by any means.

I was very grateful to Jane and the team for just sort of sparing my character.

He continued to the Espejo: “When they called to say, would I like to be part of the 50th? I was just obviously instantly interested.

I knew the storylines, which kind of attracted me to come to come to come back and celebrate the 50th with such a big part of my life.

It has been really nice getting back and seeing everyone and there’s a lot of new faces and there’s a lot of old faces and it’s been nice to get to know them and catch up with the people that I’ve not seen for a year.

Danny joined the cast of Emmerdale in 2008 antes de salir en 2012.

He returned in 2014 before exiting again last year ahead of his I’m a Celeb stint.