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Seven EastEnders spoilers as Amy Mitchell’s mental health spirals

VIEWERS have suspected Amy Mitchell could be set for heartache as she becomes the target of harmful gossip.

In dieser Woche, her family become aware something isn’t right and Alfie Moon gets kidnapped. Get the lowdown on all the EastEnders Theater.

Amy Mitchell is struggling to cope in EastEnders

Amy Mitchell is struggling to cope in EastEndersAnerkennung: BBC
Sam makes a shocking discovery about her this week

Sam makes a shocking discovery about her this weekAnerkennung: BBC
She's trying to get closer to her son Ricky

She’s trying to get closer to her son RickyAnerkennung: BBC
But Denise tries to get her to stand down

But Denise tries to get her to stand downAnerkennung: BBC

1. Sam tries to win over Ricky

After leaving her son Ricky in Jack Branning’s care for six years, Sam Mitchell (gespielt von Kim Medcalf) is determined to fix their broken bond.

Upon her return to Albert Square, Sam didn’t even recognise her own son, hinting their relationship may need a lot of time before it can be repaired.

Coming up on BBC One, Ricky (portrayed by Frankie Day) blanks Sam when she tries to make conversation, angry that she neglected another one of his school event.

Luckily for her, Sam finds an opportunity to bond with Ricky when Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) decides to arrange a belated birthday dinner for Amy.

The meal is to make up for the fact that the teen refused to leave her room on the day itself.

In an attempt to build bridges with Ricky, Sam wants to blag an invite to Amy’s birthday meal but Denise Fox (Diane Parish) tells her she’s not welcome.

Despite Denise trying to thwart her plans, Sam tries to get to Ricky through Amy.

But things won’t exactly go as planned.

What is Amy hiding?

What is Amy hiding?Anerkennung: BBC

2. Amy is in horrifying trouble

Sam is in for a nasty shock once she gets to the Branning household and it involves Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd).

She arrives at the house with a dress to give Amy, which she believes could guarantee her an invite, and uses her old set of keys to get inside.

But when she heads upstairs, she walks in on Amy and is shocked by what she sees.

In earlier scenes, Amy argues with Nugget Gulati, Denzel Danes and Lily Slater about the many rumours swirling about her.

Her former love interest Denzel even tries to make amends with her but she brushes him off.

Rattled by her discovery, Sam rushes out before quickly returning and giving Amy the support she may need.

Amy opens up to Sam and tells a shocking secret, begging her to keep it to herself.

Later on in the Vic, Jack is annoyed that Amy is a no-show at her own birthday meal but the teen finally turns upwith Sam in tow.

Amy hopes a dinner invite will buy Sam’s silence but the schemer later accosts Jack in the gents’ Toiletten.

Denise Fox tries to build bridges

Denise Fox tries to build bridgesAnerkennung: BBC

3. Denise makes heartfelt plea

Amy’s secret is bound to come to light this week but Denise is feeling alarmed when she notices Sam and Jack getting close.

In later scenes, Jack and Denise go to Amy’s school to talk to Mrs Larkham about the girl’s problems.

jedoch, Jack is adamant that Denzel Danes is the problem, although Denise tries to shut that line of questioning down.

Später, in The Vic, Jack confronts Howie and demands that Denzel stays away from Amy.

Things get heated, and Jack punches Howie just as Denise
and Kim walk in.

Denise tries to calm Jack down, to no avail and he lashes out by reminding her Amy is his daughter, not hers.

Howie Danes is desperate to get through to his son

Howie Danes is desperate to get through to his sonAnerkennung: BBC

4. Howie and Patrick take action

Denzel Danes (gespielt von Jaden Ladega) is feeling overwhelmed due to his situation with Amy.

This prompts long-standing Albert Square resident Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) to talk with the youngster as his father Howie (Delroy Atkinson) fails to have a conversation with him.

Patrick has some words of wisdom for Denzel as he struggles to cope with the unfolding situation with Amy and all the gossip surrounding her.

Howie watches on, wishing he could reach through to his son as easily as Patrick.

But the pair soon hatch a plan together to try and get Denzel to open up.

In later scenes, Denzel is at a loss when the internet is down and Patrick and Howie convince him to play dominoes to pass the time.

The conversation soon turns to Amy and Denzel lets his guard down.

The youngster talks about his complicated feelings until Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) breaks the mood by storming in and turning the router back on.

Denzel is aghast, realising the men tricked him.


Alles, was Sie über Eastenders wissen müssen

Trouble is making its way to Alfie Moon this week

Trouble is making its way to Alfie Moon this weekAnerkennung: BBC

5. Alfie gets kidnapped

Since his return in September, Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) has been kept at a safe distance from any turmoil in Walford – aber that’s all about to change.

Kommt hoch, he first tries to reassure Kat Slater that he’s got everything under control at home and tries to keep his sons busy.

Alfie thus comes up with a gamethe boys have to guess the code to Phil’s safe and, zusammen, they all work it out.

Little does Alfie know this could have devastating consequences for him.

The youngsters find a whopping amount of cash in the safe but Alfie hurries them to put the money back when he hears Sam Mitchell turn up.

In later scenes, Alfie is juggling problems at the cab office but is determined to get to the shops to buy Tommy a zombie video game.

Mitch Baker’s (Roger Griffiths) cab breaks down, meaning Alfie has to reorganise his schedule as he has to drive Vi Highway to bingo instead.

Thankfully for him, he has just enough time to get to the game shopuntil a masked gunman jumps into his cab.

It’s revealed the masked gunman, named Keith, has robbed a building society and he demands that Alfie be his getaway driver.

Alfie decides to take a risk nonetheless and drives to the shop to get Tommy’s game.

After a successful purchase, Alfie is thrown when Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) calls to tell him the boys have told her about the safe game.

Keith overhears the conversation and his ears prick up when he learns Phil’s safe contains £30k.

He orders Alfie, at gunpoint, to take him to Phil Mitchell’s and the cabbie has no choice but to comply.

Alfie turns to Mick Carter for money

Alfie turns to Mick Carter for moneyAnerkennung: BBC

6. Mick is targeted by conman

The Vic landlord played by Danny Dyer isn’t on the greatest of terms with Alfie.

jedoch, Mick Carter is the one person Alfie turns to as he struggles with money after his kidnapping ordeal.

He tries to persuade him toinvestin a food festival but Mick declines, as does Bobby Beale.

This is probably for the best as Alfie could be getting into trouble with Phil Mitchell.

Will he find a way to avoid it?

Will Whitney Dean find a new love interest?

Will Whitney Dean find a new love interest?Anerkennung: BBC

7. Whitney is humiliated

Elsewhere in Walford, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) has been reflecting on her love life.

But with Chelsea Fox being away, Felix and Finlay Baker try to convince her of throwing a party.

Although she’s initially reluctant, Whitney has a change of heart when the brothers mention Zack Hudson (James Farrar) is looking for love and promise to clean up.

Später, Whitney is all glammed up and waiting for Zack to show up.

Unglücklicherweise, he makes an appearance with another girl, Mandy, on his arm and doesn’t understand Whitney’s reaction.

Felix gives the chef the heads up while Finlay comforts Whitney with a pep talk.

She misreads his behaviour and leans in for a kiss, only to be rejected by Finlay.

Whitney feels humiliated while, at the Minute Mart, Zack is frustrated that she doesn’t bother with him.

Felix and Finlay clean up after the party, noticing Whitney is putting up a front about liking Zack.

They encourage her to keep looking for love as she heads to the Albert.

Zack arrives, trying to win her over, and Whitney agrees to have a drink with him at the Vic.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Is romance in the cards?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.