エマーデールネタバレ: ケイン・ディングルが悲痛な発見をする

CAIN Dingle will be met with major heartbreak as his mother Faith makes the decision to end her life.

来週で エマーデール, the character portrayed by ジェフ・ホードリー finds his mother at death’s door.

Cain Dingle agreed to patch things up with his dying mother Faith

Cain Dingle agreed to patch things up with his dying mother Faithクレジット: ITV
Little does he know she's planning on ending her life

Little does he know she’s planning on ending her lifeクレジット: ITV
Cain finds her next week at death's door and stays at her bedside in her last moments

Cain finds her next week at death’s door and stays at her bedside in her last momentsクレジット: ITV

The village veteran played by Sally Dexter has been determined to live and die on her own terms as her cancer began to take over.

While she has become frail, she managed to make some memories with her loved ones and repair her complicated relationship with her son Cain.

Believing she tied all the loose ends she could, Faith prepares to end her days in upcoming scenes of the ITV 石鹸.

しかしながら, Cain soon arrives and realises what Faith has done.

荒廃, the village tough man tries to keep her as comfortable as he can while she drifts closer to death.

Faith eventually takes her final breath, leaving Cain heartbroken.

News of her death travel round the village, leaving her family and friends devastated.

Prior to finding his mother in such a position, Cain made sure her day was full of happy memories when Faith wanted to take a trip to the seaside.

With her health making her unable to travel, the Dingles and Faith’s village friends all pitched in to bring the sea to her.

Cain was even able to share one last dance with his mother.

The pair haven’t had the easiest of relationships over the years as Cain was most notably angry with Faith for abandoning him and his sister Chas with their father Shadrach Dingle.



While the former was spared from any abuse, Cain was often brutalised by his alcoholic father.

ごく最近, Cain was unable to move past the fact Faith had lied to him about Nate Robinson.

Faith knew that Nate was Cain’s son but kept it to herself and even helped cover it up, believing she was protecting the lad from a racist Shadrach, but Cain didn’t see it that way.

最終的には, and as soon as he found out Faith was terminally ill, Cain made an effort to be present for his motherwhile his sister is having an illicit romance with one of his biggest rivals.

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Faith was diagnosed with cancer

Faith was diagnosed with cancerクレジット: ITV
She has refused chemotherapy

She has refused chemotherapyクレジット: ITV