Seven explosive Emmerdale spoilers as Rhona and Marlon get married

EXCITEMENT is brimming for Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle while the pair get ready to tie the knot.

But every marriage in Emmerdale has its mishaps and theirs could turn into a disaster. Here’s what you need to know.

Rhona Goskirk is ready to tie the knot with Marlon Dingle

Rhona Goskirk is ready to tie the knot with Marlon DingleCredit: ITV
But not everything goes according to plan

But not everything goes according to planCredit: ITV
The chef encounters some health issues during his stag do

The chef encounters some health issues during his stag doCredit: ITV

1. Marlon collapses

As he continues his path to a full recovery, Marlon Dingle is preparing himself for his fifth marriage.

After sharing the lives of Jessie Grant, Laurel Thomas, Donna Windsor and Tricia Strokes, the chef played by Mark Charnock is committing to village vet, Rhona Goskirk.

However, his health is still clearly on the mend this week when he collapses during his stag do.

Coming up, Marlon’s legs buckle and he falls to the ground while trying to get on his feet amid the impromptu party.

Paddy Kirk (played by Dominic Brunt) suggests that he should get checked out at the hospital and Marlon agrees on the one condition that there’s no ambulance picking him up – and that Rhona is kept in the dark.

Marlon is knocked for six at the hospital when his doctor informs him he’ll have to stay overnight due to his extremely high blood pressure.

This means his wedding ceremony scheduled for the following day may be in jeopardy.

Rhona gets the hint and knows something is seriously wrong

Rhona gets the hint and knows something is seriously wrongCredit: ITV

2. Rhona gets worried

The morning of the wedding arrives and Rhona (Zoe Henry) is over the moon as she gets ready, still unaware her husband-to-be is in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Marlon is stressed and bewildered when the doctor tells him his blood pressure readings are still too high for him to be discharged.

Paddy tries to calm him down but they soon both become equally stressed out.

Mary and Vanessa, Rhona’s mother and her best friend, try to keep the vet away from the church but their efforts are thwarted.

Rhona gets suspicious and knows something has gone wrong when Marlon is late to their wedding.

Paddy eventually bursts through the door with the chef… who is sat in a wheelchair.

Will they be able to exchange their vows without a hitch?

Priya Sharma embraces and overcomes her insecurities

Priya Sharma embraces and overcomes her insecuritiesCredit: ITV

3. Priya makes a huge decision

Meanwhile, another villager makes the most of Rhona and Marlon’s wedding and decides it’s time to make peace with some insecurities.

This week, Priya Sharma is one of the couple’s guests and she undoubtedly helped the lovebirds for their big day despite being fired from Take A Vow.

But while business is going more or less well for the wedding planner played by Fiona Wade, her physical appearance has been seriously troubling her in recent months.

In October, 2021, Priya took part in the Hop’s Survival Challenge, only to be trapped in a field maze which was set on fire during a struggle between Andrea Tate and serial killer Meena Jutla.

The burns not only left her in a brutal relapse into her eating disorder but also caused major insecurities about her physical appearance.

Worried about people’s opinions on her body, she’s been hiding her burns almost religiously.

But in a jaw-dropping turn of events, while at Marlon and Rhona’s wedding party, Priya whips off her jacket, revealing her scars, and dances confidently under her brother Jai’s watchful eye.

How will people around her react?

Is this the end of her insecurities?

Gabby Thomas has been wanting to find love again in the Dales

Gabby Thomas has been wanting to find love again in the DalesCredit: ITV

4. Gabby finds a match

Elsewhere in Yorkshire, Gabby Thomas is ready for a new romantic connection after only focusing on her son Thomas.

But dating hasn’t been the young mother’s cup of tea.

Coming up on ITV, however, the character portrayed by Rosie Bentham intends to give up on online dating altogether – until a good looking “Chris” pops up.

Sadly, things could get messy for her as “Chris” turns out to be a familiar face linked to her stepmother Laurel.

Kit gets involved with both Gabby and Laurel

Kit gets involved with both Gabby and LaurelCredit: ITV

5. Laurel is set for heartbreak

There’s betrayal and emotional pain ahead for the Hide Café manager played by Charlotte Bellamy.

Gabby goes ahead with her date with Kit and the pair spend a night together.

The following morning, Laurel shows up at Home Farm and Gabby has to think fast.

Flustered, she manages to rush Laurel out of the door before an oblivious Kit comes downstairs.

In later scenes, Kit shows no remorse and easily juggles both of his relationships with Gabby and Laurel.

But the truth is always close to being exposed when Laurel suggests a double date with her and Gabby new beaus.

Kit is forced to cover up his lie at the Shop by painting on a smile and convincing Laurel he’ll be cooking a meal for them after following Marlon Dingle’s tips closely.

Later on, Kit sends Gabby an apologetic message for his tardiness and finds himself weighing his options when Laurel makes a seductive pass, suggesting they spend the night together.

Gabby smiles eagerly and responds hastily to Kit’s message.

The two-timer later shows up at Home Farm, bursting from his second dinner, and engages in a conversation with Gabby.

Gabby then leads Kit upstairs and kisses him… just as Laurel arrives.

How will she react?


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Marcus Dean lets something slip about Ethan and Naomi

Marcus Dean lets something slip about Ethan and NaomiCredit: ITV

6. Manpreet makes a shock discovery

As Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) tries to heal from his daughter’s rejection, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) finds something out about his son, Ethan.

The village GP is at Café Main Street when she overhears a conversation Marcus Dean is having over the phone.

She’s within earshot when the son of serial killer Pierce Harris accidentally lets it slip that Ethan (portrayed by Emile John) is meeting up with Naomi.

Manpreet interrupts Marcus mid-conversation – but will she push him to repeat what’s been said once Charles returns?

Could the solicitor be fighting his father’s corner and trying to persuade Naomi to reconcile with the vicar?

Suzy Merton is treading lightly

Suzy Merton is treading lightlyCredit: ITV

7. Vanessa turns to Suzy

While truly smitten with newcomer Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough), Vanessa Woodfield has also been put through the wringer in recent weeks.

The village vet played by Michelle Hardwick has been trying to figure out whether she can actually trust her partner, particularly after her drug addiction was revealed.

And when Matty Barton hatched a plan for revenge, Vanessa easily doubted Suzy’s sincerity.

However, this week, Vanessa reaches out to Suzy after learning some new information.

Can the couple ever find stability?

Or will their relationship continue to be an emotional rollercoaster?

Emmerdale airs from Monday to Friday on ITV.