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Calabaza de Tesco marcada como 'radiactiva’ para 'niños ARDIENTES’ manos y bocas’

TESCO’S new quadruple-strength squash has been branded “radioactive” for reportedly burning kids’ hands and mouths.

The supermarket giant launched 12 flavours last month to replace its double-strength version.

Supermarket giant Tesco's new quadruple-strength squash was branded 'radioactive' after parents claimed it burnt kids

Supermarket giant Tesco’s new quadruple-strength squash was branded ‘radioactiveafter parents claimed it burnt kids

Customers get a stronger drink in a smaller bottle as the firm aims to cut plastic. But parents say it has irritated their kids’ skin and permanently stained cups and glasses.

Customer Melissa Kent said: “My nephew couldn’t drink the stuff as his mouth started tingling. It’s radioactive to say the least.”

Mum Rachel McCafferty asked: “Has anyone else been burned by the Tesco quadruple strength squash?"

Gran Sheila Howell, from Worthing, West Sussex, says Tesco advised her to seek medical attention after her three-year-old grandson got undiluted squash on his arm and face.

Ella añadió: “His skin went bright red and took over an hour to go down. He was in some discomfort. It makes me wonder what happens to your insides when you drink this.”

Tesco and its supplier are investigating her claims.

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Website reviews complain the drink tastes “too synthetic”.

Tesco said: “When diluted correctly, our quadruple strength squash is the same strength as our other squash products.

“If it is consumed undiluted or incorrectly diluted, it will be stronger. However there is nothing to suggest this could cause any harm. The dilution instructions are clearly visible on the label.”

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